How long does/should it take for a solo developer to build something like DevRant? (assuming that one already has full stack skills)

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    I'd say the website can be done in a week, since it's more or less a forum. Also assuming you work on it without distractions.

    The app probably snother week or 1.5

    Assuming you're talking about a simple client-server model, not sure what other infrastructure devRant uses

    Also, correct me if I'm talking shit or am inconsiderate of things please.
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    @alexbrooklyn Then there's deployment and potentially something for scaling as well. I don't know at what scale we're talking though :) As for the mobile app, I think devRant is actually not native, but more something like PhoneGap
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    Website - 1-2 weeks.
    App side - 🤷‍♂️I'm not an app dev.
    Getting a self regulating non toxic community - years
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    Just a day or two on Mercury.
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    @NoMad That for me?
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    @Cyanide dude, what are you on? I'm not understanding anything you say today. Tell me all the context and all involved elements, maybe then I can have an answer for you.
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    @alexbrooklyn You're inconsiderate, but no one wants to tell you

    @C0D4 That seems fair, yup! (Especially that last one)

    @NoMad No worries, @Cyanide is just asking if the pin is a reminder to buy some mayo since you finished it earlier and we're now out of almost everything! Damn it! I'm hungry...
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    @Jilano I don't eat Mayo. 😛 I'm already fat as is. I just have salsa.
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    Usually full stack doesn't mean server management, application and server security....
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    @viralparmardev Not saying it's impossible, just saying that there aren't many people who could do it because it requires loads of skillset.

    Most fullstackers I know can do frontend, backend and a liiiiittle bit of sysadminning, hardly any security, maybe some data science.

    You need to be able to do all of those in order to get a project like this successful.

    Like, I'm good at backend, can handle data science, am very good at sysadminning and security (no shit, I'm a professional cybersecurity engineer) but me and frontend.... nope 😅
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    @linuxxx makes sense... Thanks!
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    if one already has full stavk skills, one should be able to estimate such thing oneself.
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