Anyone of you from North Korea?

Moon shot but just curious to see if we have anyone.

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    I'm not sure they're allowed on the public internet are they?
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    @AlmondSauce my research will reveal that.

    Follow me for more.
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    @AlmondSauce There are thousands defecting every year. So it's not impossible
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    @AlmondSauce the Pjöngjang party elites sure have open Internet access and iphones. The IT students may have also access to the internet to learn how to hack western banks.

    And the north korean poeple at the chinese border use smuggled in chinese smartphones. But the army has bought portable gsm scanners from European companies to track them down. So that's a dangerous thrill.
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    Not me, I swear.
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    Shooting in the dark.

    @northkorean @northkorea @supremeleader @defector @iEvadedNorthKoreaAndAlsoHaveADevrantAccount @NKorean

    Edit: Nope. Doesn't look like there is.
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    @heyheni imagine having a business deal with North Korean government. That'd be soo cool.

    Like the LinkedIn post would be a selfie with supreme leader with peace sign and your logo in background saying new customers and then he writes you a product review. Damnnn!!!

    @rutee07 o.O
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    Pooch to aapne liya, par tags ke time fati.
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    @kim @kimjong @kimjongun
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    @cozyplanes or was it somewhere else?
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    @linuxxx he was from South.

    @Cyanide lmao 😂😂
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