What are some skills you find harder to learn than programming?

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    Being comprehensive. I keep missing the things I had caught earlier or known to occur. Anxiety keeps killing my accuracy
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    Where do I even start?
    Parallel parking
    Hardware shopping
    Dealing with abusive family members
    Cooking [was so hard at first, but now is finally easier than coding]
    Oh, and tolerating the web stack
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    Dealing with some people without ending up in prison where you'll abuse my arse
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    @Jilano What? I already got my parole. You'll be safer in prison than outside.
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    @rutee07 I first read that as "parabola" (don't ask, I don't know), and I wasn't even surprised
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    - Fitting in and not being such a justice warrior.
    - Keeping a relationship going and not giving in to boredom, insecurities and anxiety.
    - Staying away from drama. (it follows me)
    - Losing weight.
    - Giving a fuck about people who I've already lost respect for.
    - Shaving/waxing/facial regularly.

    ... Not being Chewbacca, in short.
    PS. The list is longer but ceebs.
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    Asian languages. Spanish, italian, latin, southern american english. All trivial. Japanese, korean and Chinese have been multi-year efforts. Leaving viet, thai and lao for another life.
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    -Learn a new communication language
    -Dealing with illetrates

    Trust me the list might goes endless.
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    Surgery and stealing bodies from mortuary.
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    Physics, but I fucking love it!
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    @SortOfTested don’t you say it “Laotian”?
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    The official way to refer to the language is "lao," from what I've gathered. That's all english transliteration anyways.
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    @SortOfTested hmm.

    English can be annoying, but from my youth in Israel I can confidently say that English is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Hebrew, Hebrew is over-engineered.
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    Cryptography [in-depth, not just knowing which algo is used for what]. Still can't get my head around all that :/
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    Right words at right time.
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    Dealing with yourself
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    Forgetting things
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    Everything else? Controlling computers is the easy part.
    Being a human?

    Actually: dealing with humans.
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    Social skills.
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    Keeping up with the evolving dependencies ..... Its like you have a relationship that your keeping tabs
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    music sight reading,
    fucking fingerstyle classical guitar,
    drawing, actual talent drawing, not making paintio based on your artistic feelings, but actual michael angelo style shit,

    and finding the right pornhub video
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    Judge me if you want, but braiding
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    Many but this one recently:
    Being hard/tough to someone when they fuck up.
    I got a project where I'm mostly in charge and that also includes chasing down people who aren't doing their job well and being tough to them if necessary.

    I'm just too nice, I can hardly get mad or raise my voice 😅
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    @AleCx04 each day that goes by it’s harder to find the right porn video.

    I used to like xhamster top video of all time but I have a feeling its algorithm is now manipulated.
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    Cooking, dating, making friends IRL
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    normal adult life.
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    I forgot about this.

    Mine is swimming. I never got the chance to learn as a child. Most of my relatives either don't know how to swim or don't want to go anywhere. One of the few times we went to a public swimming pool, I almost drowned so even when I was scuba diving or snorkeling with a life jacket, there are random moments when I would panic. I can calm myself down fast enough but that doesn't really work without a life jacket or regulator.

    The contradiction is I like being around water, especially underwater. I want to learn free diving and take underwater photography so I'm taking swimming classes for adults starting next week to get rid of the nerves.
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    @rutee07 you're gonna love it. Swimming is one of those really calming and relaxing activities, as long as you're not competing.

    Also, when buying swimsuit, remember two things: 1. it should be tight enough to not come off when you dive head first. 2. it should be loose enough to come off easily when you rush to restroom. Avoid buying anything but a one piece suit, if you want to really swim.

    Go on and have the time of your life. 😜
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    @NoMad Thanks for the advice! :D
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    @iamai dating is just flirting with extra steps.
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    @NoMad you know you're comfortable in a relationship when you can piss in front of them (its always a weird one cuz some people will fuck but wont for example let you in to brush your teeth or shower while they use the bathroom).

    maybe its just me but whats makes me uncomfortable is sleeping while I know someone in the room is awake (on their laptop, or in bed on their phone)

    napping on the sofa if someone else is awake in the living room is another one.

    edit: dealing with people who tend to have rage or explosibe screaming issues. causes me to kock up, everything gets physically hit and tingly and I get major tunnel vision when it happens, among other things. also happens randomly. found out of of the other things that causes it for me is the sound of dishes rattling or clinking. like instant need to either fight or leave the room.
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    @Wisecrack are you trying to imply that you want to date me? 😏 Good choice, but unfortunately I've set my heart on not dating for the foreseeable future.
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    @NoMad I'll ask the questions here. What are you WEARING "Jake" from state farm at three in the morning?
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    @Wisecrack 🤔 I wonder if I should go with a yo mama joke, confess that I'm a middle aged man, or tell you that misophonia could be a sign of other problems so you may want to check out what's up with that?
    Your choice! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    That's if thinking of just fun? Doable, can try but well, there's always going to be a but. Or just not lucky...yet
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    I thought misophonia too, but I found out 80% of misophonic sounds are typically mouth sounds and I LOVE mouth sounds, asmr, all that.

    I think the dishes thing is actual ptsd. years of dad coming home high on meth and punching holes in the wall. My mom always knew when he was coming home high cuz he would work late. so she would rewash the dishes once, sometimes twice and I think thats where it came from.
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    @Wisecrack You "Love" mouth sounds...
    Tihihihihihi 👄🍆
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    Not facepalming, roll my eyes or make faces in meetings with the business side. Especially when they are trying to make tech decisions. Can’t have my webcam or mic on for this reason and I’m dreading going back to in person meetings where I won’t be able to hide it...

    The other day I got “No we will not allow any development time on error handling or negative testing because it should be built to not get any errors to begin with” on a project depending on user input data, a mobile front end, 13 different components (micro services, lambdas etc.) and 2 legacy systems. Had to leave the room and scream.
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