Me: entering a website

The website:

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    Remember kids, always use incognito.
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    I wish the EU would mandate browser companies and advertisers to have a universal cookie settings page in the browser. For no more annoying per page cookie settings and popups. 😢
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    @heyheni It would be interesting to watch you mandating the browsers a behaviour you expect. 😆
    *laughs in infinite diversification*
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    They should add mandatory cookie metadata (a proper standard) so browsers can implement there own handling.
    This is also something that can be checked for compliance automatically.
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    @heyheni I always wonder, why isn't it enough to disable cookies in the browser? I mean, then you wouldn't even need per-page cookiewalls
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    I had to sign into an site for my kids school.

    It was one warning after another about how I'm blocking this or that and I can't see my kids assignments if I don't disable it.

    ( ≧Д≦)
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    Annoying pop-ups 😑
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