I recently finished one year in the industry as a Software Engineer for a solutions development startup. Here are my top 10 learnings:

1. It's okay not to know everything, as long as you're willing to learn passionately.

2. Focusing on the customer experience is the number one priority in software design.

3. Imposter syndrome and fear of failure are real, but a little bit of toughness is all you need.

4. Lack of work is more frustrating than the excess of work. No two days are similar.

5. Working at a startup has taught me more than what my friends at tech giants have learned.

6. The feeling of recognition and appreciation will set your trajectory to constant improvement.

7. Asking for help is completely normal, only if you've exhausted all your research and online resources.

8. Mentoring or generously giving back to the community is super underrated.

9. Taking ownership and responsibility of failures is equally important as for successes.

10. Taking up tasks that interest you - outside your job description - is never a bad idea.

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    I only don't agree with number 7.

    If asking is a lot faster than searching, I'll just ask and thus waste less time. Kinda the same with some colleagues regarding questions about software I know a lot about, they're free to ask me, it saves them a lot of time sometimes and I'm happy to help!

    Edit; the last one also not entirely.
    I in general agree but also, I'm hired to do x, y and z, I don't mind doing p for a short amount of time but I'm not hired for that so that'll be it for me, unless I really like it.
    For example, I'm a technical person, don't let me do project management (too much), it's not my thing and I'm not good at it and don't like it 😅
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    I mostly agree but as @linuxxx said, I also consider asking questions a first resolve if I have reason to assume a colleague already knows the answer.

    Of cause it can depend on circumstances. If you work as a consultant billing by the hour, there might be a culture of billing all time, in which case the fastest solution might be frowned about, but thats one reason I do not work as a consultant ;)

    But otherwise I see no reason to waste time.

    Another reason might be if your an intern and your time is so much cheaper than the one you would be asking, but thats borderline valid in my opinion.
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    Totally agree on number 4...

    There are lots of work to do in my place but if I want to do anything I have to get approval from my supervisor.

    He is the bottleneck since he is super busy.. so most day I just spend my time reading tech articles 😑
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    @cho-uc I started LeetCoding and got good at Data Structures and Algorithms in my free time
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