I have a pill anxiety. My two medicines I need to take everyday come in 10-packs, and I have to take two pills of both. So if packs are somehow misaligned, for example there is 8 pills left in pack 1 and 6 left in pack 2, I wait until pack 2 is gone and I throw away pack 1 with two pills remaining.

So I decided to pour all my medicines into two jars so it isn’t immediately obvious how much pills there is. Pill anxiety gone.

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    Good strategy, I was going to propose a third pill for pill anxiety 💊
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    Mix 'em in a single jar et voila -- all the pills will end together
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    @netikras thanks but I’m planning to stick around for a bit more
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    @uyouthe mix 'em all up and we'll see ;)
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    @netikras I’m not responsible for what the generation of my grandfathers did to your country. Reparations never fixed anything, especially if the next generation is put under fire for what they have nothing to do with
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    @uyouthe a joke taken too seriously obv :)
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    @netikras you bashed me and my nation under my us embassy razors rant
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    @uyouthe umm.. Frankly, that was supposed to be more of a compliment rather than an insult/bashing ;) I do truly enjoy and trust Russian metallurgy products. I think I've gained this trust in my childhood, living at my grandpa's - he had all sorts of soviet relics, some german, some far-western,... The only reliable ones were the ones from the East -- Russian :)

    So this was a comment of respect and trust rather than bashing on anything/anyone. I am sorry it was not obvious :/
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    @uyouthe Your grandparents' generation did many wrongs. There's no way I respect them for that nor can I justify their actions.

    But their metallurgy and anything relying on it - boi.. nothing can compete with THAT! Sure, it's no shiny nor it smells nice. But it's reliable af!
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