Is dev in a slump for real?
I think that junior devs are a dime a dozen. But lead devs with experience in ha architecture and database are very much sought after, imho.
Perhaps the main problem is that most devs do not get involved in how the underlying stuff works. I know some that do and they are well respected.

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    That's right. Most want to get their job done and go Home
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    I think the topic is about breaking out of your own personal slump, rather than making an assertion that the developer culture in general is in a slump.
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    I am well-versed in the underlying stuff. I know a lot about carpets, tiles, and parquette.

    Okay, that's not true... I know nothing about flooring. I didn't know I needed to know that.

    Are there any books about it? Have to check amazon!!!
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    @TheCommoner282 You can apply for a job @AWS. Amazonians will let you know what skills and underlying knowledge you should accuire. They might recommend a book or two. ;-)
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