I’ve been asked by two different people to make them a website. I’ve been building SPAs for so long I don’t even know what the go to is any more for a static site CRM. Are we still predominately stuck with WordPress if wanting to meet an efficient timeframe/budget?

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    you've got options, but i'm not saying that this is the way...
    Headless CMS are popular because you can reuse the content on multiple channels like social media, email marketing or special tailored mini sites.
    Headless CMS explained in 5 minutes - Storyblok

    Also the static site generator and js framework SVELTE.js is perfect for small and quick projects.
    Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps
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    There's things other than SPAs!?!?!?
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    @heyheni ohhh is like a reason to use the new svelte or however it’s spelled. The only headless cams ive used was strapi.io pretty sweet but took a lot of time to build with
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    If it's only ever going to be a simple page, WP is fine. Absolutely stay away from it if there's anything beyond that. And I mean anything more complex than "I want to display what we do and our address on the internet, with a handful of pictures too". Anything beyond that spells doom and suffering for whoever has to maintain that abomination.
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    I would look for some html template that looks nice and change it for the needs of the client, themeforest for example has a good collection. It is faster then to build from scratch. I used to work with wordpress for such usecases. That was 3 years ago, didn't touched php or wordpress since that. In meanwhile I have worked with Angular and I just can't go back to wordpress now.
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    Anything that you'd want to use Wordpress for can be easily done in ProcessWire. I've been using it as my go-to CMS for a couple of years now and it absolutely blows WP out of the water. Save yourself the plugin hell and give it a try.
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    For static sites, you should check out Gridsome, Nuxt (Generate), VuePress/VitePress (if you use Vue) or Gatsby (if you use React) or Scully (if you use Angular).
    For the CMS side, go for a headless one.
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    @carboneum client needs a CMS though. Wedding venue that requires regular updates
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    @Inxentas I’ll check it out
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    @Berkmann18 I’m starting to lean for bats by now. What’s your go to headless ? I’ve only used strapi thus far
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    @dUcKtYpEd I personally haven't tried enough (or long enough) headless CMS's but so far my go to is NetlifyCMS which is straight forward and simple.
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