i am currently studying about software project management as a subject under my university syllabus and i kind of understand where the vile mentality of managers come from :
Risk Planning = ways to plan how to deal with risk. 4 possible options are :
1) risk avoidance: avoid the situations which could cause risk
2) risk reduction : reduce/remove the factors that could cause the risk
3) risk transfer: transfer the risk to other bodies( like if a company cannot make good product, they outsource it to some service based company)
4) risk acceptance: do nothing about the risks and let it come, if risk has a very low level impact on the project.

this 1st and 3rd is used by the managers extensively when dealing with people and tasks : either avoid doing the work/taking the blame or delegate the work/blame to other person

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    Numbers 1 and 3 have the opposite effect of 2 in practice.
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    There's a racoon with rocket launchers amd missiles staring at us.

    3) We let the racoon do our product because we trust thr racoon won't blow it.

    4) after a lengthy discussion, racoon has explosive reasons pointing at us - let him keep his stuff...

    1) let's do a stare contest - as long as we don't blink, it won't go poof.


    Bit more serious... Risk planning is in theory a good mind game, but in practice you'll most often lack the in depth knowledge to be useful.

    Hence my metaphor with the racoon...

    Eg. risk avoidance requires an understanding of what consequences the possible risk situations could have to know if a risk is involved. When you're sitting in front of a black box with no information... It's hard. ;)
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