I hate it when someone asks what my hobbies are and say, "Can you sell it? If not then you just wasted time and money." Did I say it was a job or a business, you boring jerk? You spend your whole day on social media, does it pay, huh? What are YOUR hobbies? Facebook is not a hobby, get the fuck out of here.

My favorite, "Someone already made something like that." Did I say it was groundbreaking innovation, you basic bitch? Someone already made someone like you and yet here we are. You came from the same damn template of people who were born to be thrown into a body farm and studied. There's your career, take it now.

Did you hear/read your own question? Dumb shit like this always comes from people who have zero life, hobbies, or sometimes even jobs (not for lack of opportunity, they just think it's more productive to shit on everyone else's life decisions). Ah, the bitterness from the starving peasant-minded dickfucks.

"BuT sOmE pEoPlE cAnT aFfOrD tO hAvE hObBiEs."

I don't give a fuck. You use the word "hobby", you better fucking mean it. Stop changing the topic. It's not my obligation to pull your lazy, uncreative, bitter ass away from poverty.

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    punch the bastard in his money obsessed balls
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    @iiii I hope my fist slips and go straight into the hole.
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    Once I was asked something similar in an interview.

    X: What are your hobbies?
    Me: I love reading, and maths.
    X: So, you are good at maths?
    Me: *confused* I know a thing or two, but I am still learning.
    X: But you said it was your hobby.

    FFS. Do you even understand the definition of "hobby"? Did I ever say I was an expert?
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    Uhhh, how do I triple like again?
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    @rutee07 careful, you do not wish to encourage them ;)

    But I do agree, hobbies are to wind down and relax (mentally if not physically).

    A good company would encourage a good hobby as it makes you more efficient during work time. At least compared to just slouch in front of the TV or netflix.
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    @AvyChanna Not to be a dick, but how do you 'hobby' math? 🤔
    I mean I love it, even studied one year, but how do you make a hobbie out of it?
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    @AvyChanna does learning about rotary encryption machines count as a hobby or should I be a professional cryptographer to call that a hobby? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
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    Definition- A hobby is a regular activity done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time, not professionally and not for pay.

    @sladuled Math is so much more than numerical computations and theorems. Try game theory, or cryptography, or geometry, or plain old puzzles. Try proving that there is a perfect way to tie your shoelaces.

    @iii Whatever rocks your boat :-)
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    @Voxera Hahaha. I'm not so good at thinking about "punishments" that people wouldn't secretly like. 😅
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    @rutee07 with the number of nut cases there are odds are your never going to find an universal punishment ;)
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    @AvyChanna haha yeah, I figured you weren't doing basic arithmetics, still a lot of options what can be done..
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    I feel this to the core of my very being. Fuck people who insist you must monetize your hobby. IM NOT KNITTING YOU A SWEATER NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU OFFER ME REEEEE
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    Me: "Just got a new <item for hobby>"

    People: "Why did you spend so much on <item for hobby>? Isn't that a waste?"

    Me: "Ah yes, because going to the club every weekend and buying overpriced drinks and getting wasted on alcohol totally isn't a waste"
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    @FinlayDaG33k It's funny how common this is. Most of the people who tell me hobbies are a waste of money spend all of theirs in bars. If you ask them about it, they would say at least they are having fun. Well, aren't we having fun with hobbies too? Not our fault they lack creativity and can only find one way to have fun.
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    @rutee07 Exactly!

    Like once a girl I know asked me how much my new bass costed me, I replied with 600 euro.

    She said that was way too much for a "guitar" (cus ya know people think bass and guitars are the same thing)

    I asked how much she spends on partying.

    her answer was about 100-200 euros a month.

    So she spends 100-200 euros a month on something that doesn't last at all... but all I have to do is not destroy my bass for 3-6 months and we're even, and everything after that is more "value" as opposed to her parties...

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    Some people need to understand that a hobby bringing you monetary returns is just an added bonus and it most often does not. If it keeps you happy, interested, occupied and in good shape, that's all it needs to do.
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    @FinlayDaG33k Unless you're talking about a double bass, "bass" is short for "bass guitar"; they aren't too far from the truth.
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    @kamen I mean, not far from the truth but it's not correct either :p
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    @FinlayDaG33k bass guitar is a subset of guitars. nuff said :D
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    There is a completely separate class of patents that cover existing inventions used in new innovative ways. People who see a thing and criticize for using a thing in a new way are just ignorant.
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    Ah, interesting on the bar angle. It sounds like projection. They know they are wasting their life. So they justify their own actions by denigrating your actions.
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    @FinlayDaG33k Yep, people think spending money on musical instruments is wasting money. If you don't spend it on booze or partying is a waste of money for basic people.
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    @wicho it depends. Like, I have an electric guitar and a basic amp, but I haven't managed to learn to play it.
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    @iiii Well, sell 'em and get the party started!
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    @wicho no ._. i liek it
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    @AvyChanna there is. It's called "The Ian Knot". It's the world's fastest shoelace knot ;)
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    @FinlayDaG33k I don't entirely agree that partying doesn't last.

    I don't go out to clubs and such really but I can completely party/dance my ass off/lose my mind at a good festival. It doesn't last physically, true, but those memories are awesome and the amazing feeling I can get at those festivals.... I gladly spend some money on that!
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    @Skriptkiddy See maths was not that boring at all.

    Edit: Came across https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @AvyChanna haha! Seems the Ian Knot was actually made by a shoelace fanatic called Ian, whom has a website about shoelaces. Your video mentioned the guy and the website. I only saw this 15 second video saying "The Ian Knot, the world's fastest shoelace knot" while showing it. Found a video by Ian himself demonstrating it: https://youtu.be/WgSwvDkJVxE

    Funny things about this:

    - I never questioned if it is, even though I Google almost everything to check it.. compulsively. It just never seemed reasonable there could be any faster one.
    - The second I learned it, I forgot the one I knew. That was 10-15 years ago. I never remembered the other one I knew for 10-15 years.. ever. It still disturbs me deeply.
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    @linuxxx I mean, a festival imo is a lot different than a club...

    Clubs are mostly just about getting wasted...

    Most people I know that go to a club rarely remember their time at the club (or after it).

    A festival tho, you go there, you camp out (more often than not), you just go hard but you don't go there just to get wasted (atleast... not all the time) and more often than not, you'll actually remember the bloody festival :^)
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    @FinlayDaG33k True but quite some I visit are pretty much club parties but then with a lineup of my favourite music :)
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    "Can you sell it? If not then you just wasted time and money."

    A bitter sod told me that once. Knowing full well he hated his job, I simply said:

    "How's your job? Do you enjoy it? If not then you're just wasting your life."

    Of course it put him into a fit of rage about how much of an entitled arse I was, but hey - I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

    I also call bollocks on not being able to afford a hobby - there's *tons* of cheap hobbies (singing, painting, drawing, running, etc.) If you decide you want to take up F1 as a hobby and bitch that you can't afford it, that's on you.

    And FWIW, a major hobby of mine (music) has always been something I've deliberately avoided making money from, precisely because I want to keep it as a hobby.
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    @AlmondSauce Hahaha. Bitter people gonna be bitter. I love how they always start shit and when the same question is thrown back at them, they get angry and you're the bad guy for enjoying something. 😅
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    @Skriptkiddy the Ian knot has just blown my mind 🤯
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    Me: I have appendix
    X: can you sell it?
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    I don’t like what you post, all that attention-seeking role playing garbage, but this rant is genuine and I like it. Take that ++ you bastard
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    @uyouthe I'm pretty sure that's you. Stop projecting and get some help. :)
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    @rutee07 sloppy punchlines of a bad prom dance freestyler, random facts about Russia, occasional reviews of obscure things and bouba/kiki meme, all this IS me. That’s not a role, I’m like this in real life.

    You and you big dick wannabe brutal jokes about how you fuck everyone with blood as lube, is that really you? If no, I was right. If yes, that’s upsetting
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    @uyouthe Everyone knows it's a joke. You are literally the only person who take all of it seriously.
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    @rutee07 I’m just upset that you post almost nothing but that jokes that are really getting old. If it is some shit poster I don’t care, but that’s you, and judging by rants like this which are extremely rare you really have something meaningful to say. I’d like to see more Rutee, not the image but the person
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    @uyouthe Aww.. :3 I'll see what I can do. *hug*
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