HR from a company after ghosting me for a week after one round and submitting the assignment:

*phone rings at odd time in the evening*

HR: Hey this is Joanna from someCompany
Me: Yes.. tell me..
HR: I got feedback on your first round and it was negative.
Me: Well okay.. Thanks..
HR: We got feedback on your assignment too and it was negative.
Me: Alright.. cool. Thanks.. Stay in to....
HR: Yes, so I called you to see your availability for next round of interviews. Also, are you willing to relocate to someCity?
Me: ........
HR: And are you comfortable with this job opening we are offering you?
Me: ......
HR: I will also schedule your one round with my (HR) Manager to check you further (her voice was showing lack of confidence she had in me)
Me: Okay cool.. Monday works?
HR: I am blocking your time from ......
Me: Let me check my calendar..
HR: No we need to block interviewers calendar else someone will do...
Me: Can I revert by tomorrow morning?
HR: Perfect. I have blocked Monday from 03:30 to 04:30. All the best and prepare well

*Proceeds to give me tips for 5 minutes on what they are looking for*

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