What is the biggest user system have you implemented ( e-commerce, social media , video streaming etc) and what was your approach?

My current biggest product is a kind of social media app that is still in development and even when completed would be used by no more than 50 ppl.
In terms of scale i have a simple offline app being used by 7k,+ people, which does has some offline dbs, but overall with a very simple architecture.

I am always afraid of coding stuff that would be used by 100k, million or billion peeps... What challanges in terms of architecture , frontend , concurrency, offline persistence and networking arrive when a code grows?

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    Depends on how use is defined ;)

    In theory one application was in use by millions, but that is passive users.

    The newsletter application I was involved in was and is used by multiple municipalities and larger companies who’s recipients number in the millions over the 15 years I was involved.

    But most of those users rarely saw the actual application ;)

    Same with a site analysis tool that at one time had a customer with over 2 million page hits a day. But the end users never new about the app, except when customers used the survey function.

    Looking at active customers the current one is biggest with a few hundred thousand active users. Its a e-commerce site.

    Its a bit scare when you go from the first few dozen or so but once your past friends and their friends and into the several hundreds I find that it gets a bit more abstract since you often do not have direct contact with them.
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