so since my mind won't slow down tonight yall motherfuckers get some hot takes and predictions and shit about whatever i don't give a shit

- "The PS5 will resurrect dead franchises" i predict no wild arms games, so it's not worth the USD$700 nor my time. They're not even emulating their older games, which they have the fucking power to do. Sony's fucking gone.

- "something something xbox series x/s" yeah i really don't give a fuck, halo infinite would be better at 1280x1024 than 8k75 and there's fuck all else coming out that I'm aware of, and all the good devs fucking left microsoft a while ago in all departments so it's gonna be a shitshow for a while after launch anyways. Microsoft died a while ago.

- "TRUMP'S GONNA BE A DICTATOR IF HE'S RE-ELECTED BECAUSE RBG'S DEAD" oh fuck off, all this shitslinging's gonna do nothing but increase exponentially every 4 years, i figured that out at fucking 12. None of it matters, it's always gonna be a shit political state in most people's eyes, i'm gonna sit here in my little corner of nothing and watch the fireworks until i'm no longer able to, and goddammit i'm gonna enjoy watching it all fall apart.

- "why are you doing this to us, what are you drunk or something" god i wish

- "you talked about politics you're gonna get cancelled" fuck yeah, i'm important enough to get cancelled? good news, i've made a name for myself ig

anyways what was i doing? dosdisc? IP over Quake? torturing myself? yeah that sounds about right fuckin let's get to it ig, nothing better to do tonight

next post in like 6 months or somethig idk

i'm tired

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    Wild arms was okay, but they really need to translate more of the front mission games.
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    @SortOfTested listen wild arms 3 is my fuckin jam but 4 has a combat system that just works so well

    don't talk shit

    (yeah you're right tho front mission is pretty good)
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    I want a remake of Final Fantasy 9. And Atelier Iris. And Front Mission. And a damn Drakengard so I could get a cohesive story which leads to Nier, because Drakengard is basically unplayable.
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    Luckily, a remake of Nier is incoming
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    Don't give in to Sony because they just buy games/studios to lock their customers in their ecosystem (same can be said about Apple, EGS, etc.). Exclusivity suck donkey balls.

    As for MS and the Xbox, if you have a good enough PC, just go for the game pass, else, get the Series S (starting from $25/month)
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    You need some time off from social media it seems.

    Cut the toxic news.
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    @F1973 i laugh at people on twitter, i don't get news from there, bit of a difference
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    @Parzi laughing hysterically and laughing out of joy is different.
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    You need some water, sir. Here, have a glass. And chill out.
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