So we had a town hall with our VP last Wednesday, which is like a time waste monthly ritual.

So earlier as a SPM, it was one of my KPI to make LinkedIn posts but now dude is forcing everyone to have a LinkedIn post promoting the product and everything.

You are fucking tech giant. We are a FAANG level company. Fucking invest in marketing and hire folks to do that you cunt.

What made it funnier is that he asked the group secretary (she is cute) to maintain an excel sheet where we track how many views, likes, and comments everyone gets.

The one who has maximum will win a $50 gift card from him. He'll fund it from his pocket. Wowww!! So generous.

And by now I have realised for anyone saying that they'll sponsor it from their pocket is straight up lying.

What a rusted place to be in. Lmao awaiting some good news next week. Hopefully my interviews go well.

And yes, in every town hall, he announces some fancy awards for the sake of it with absolutely no benefits. Lol.

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    Wuuut, you're South Park Mexican? I love your music, but man, you got prollems 👀
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    @SortOfTested I didn't get that reference. Haven't watched SP.

    And in other news, I have an important call scheduled in next 40 minutes and my battery is dying fast.
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    @SortOfTested let me watch.
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    What a cheapskate lol
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    Do you guy call a meeting "town hall"?
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    @mr-user It is an ego boost money/time waster - to boost the senior exec feeling of self worth. Do the simple math - x number of employees in it times avg pay per hour times hours wasted = lots of $$$$
    Usualy done by seeding the unwilling participants with prepared questions, that the manager is ready with an answer for.
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    So time wasting Q&A section? Why the heck do they used an important name such as "town hall"? Ego boost?
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    @mr-user It is taken from a political event format.
    It is meant to Allow the "common" ppl to interact directly with the "leader", and ask the "hard" questions.

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    My company does something similar every quarter. Every senior exec comes down and strokes their own dick about how great the company is doing in front of the entire company and then you don't hear anything from them for 3 months. It's basically what @magicMirror said, an ego boost. I hope it's not too common, but senior execs like stroking themselves like a shitty 1990s 2T Yamaha yz 250 that won't fucking die no matter how many times you spill it going down that old Creek bed.
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    @vomitmachine yes. Shittiest VP to be honest.
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    And if you don't do it?
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    @rutee07 IDK. I'll definitely not do it and see what happens.
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