What do you do on free time? My hobby was programming but now I'm working as software dev and I don't like to code after work. I dont have any hobbies. I don't like gaming. Travel not possible ATM. If you could share your activities maybe I would find something interested. Thanks in advance :)

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    Learn a meatspace language with a friend or a person you'd like to become friends with. For example Mandarin will become more important in the future i think, and it's fun to learn.
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    I like caring for plants. I have quite a collection in my tiny home, some of them are even rare!
    I also like knitting but I find I rarely have the mental capacity to deal with that these days. Too exhausted.
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    @heyheni I was learning Swedish on duolingo, maybe I should try again πŸ‘€
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    @Elyz Sounds interesting if you have rare plants and egzotic ones. But this doesn't seem for me.
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    For the record, I work as a cybersecurity engineer/specialist/analyst so not a programmer professionally.

    I like to program (backend/api's), linux around (ex Linux engineer), listen to my favourite music genre and actually analyze what's happening in the track, biking around, researching cybersecurity/privacy subjects....
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    I run a bunch of tabletop RPG games (mostly customized D&D 5e) for various groups of friends. Love world building and DMing, even though I'm not great at running the game or improv (I basically have like 8/20 charisma irl), more of a writer. It's gotten me a whole bunch of friends and a ton of cool memories, plus I get to live out some of the wacky concepts that I daydream about.

    Lately I've been cooking a lot and thinking of starting a garden.

    @Elyz honestly find knitting pretty cool, got any intro tips/resources?
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    Riding my motorcycle, until I was hit by a careless car driver who was running a red light πŸ˜’
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    @natikamura but don't do it alone. It's best to have someone who holds you accountable otherwise you don't get serious. And you can have dinner together after class and try each week a new restaurant in townπŸ˜„
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    Last year (and a year before, and another year before) I was excited AF redoing my apartment. Tearing everything apart (yes, everything: wallpapers, floor, ceiling, everything in between, even some walls) and redoing everything from scratch. i.e. refactoring my apartment :) That was a hell of a fun!

    then.. I actually enjoy programming. Even after hours.

    Gardening. Oh boy, that's soooo relaxing. And good for health: physical and mental!

    Hiking in the forests

    Flying around with my e-scooter

    Taking a chainsaw and getting freaking tired while tidying all those trees in my homestead.

    If I had to pick an activity I'd like to call my hobby I think that'd be living in a homestead, as that includes gardening, chainsaw and construction work by default. That's one hell of a way to chill!
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    doing nothing is a hobby of choice

    also board games
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    @netikras I have on todo list redoing my apartments. I will start this when I will have more money.
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    Flying a drone, literally seeing things from a different perspective. You can add taking photos and/or videos with it as well. If you do that then you can add editing of the photos/videos. The possibilities are endless. I find practicing flying quite fun now and it will be even more awesome when traveling will be an option again.
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    @Bcd23 i wish i could do videos like Johnny FPV does πŸ˜”

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    Design and build vehicles.

    Rubik Cube.
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    yeah, diy ebike builds are fun too.
    Lot's of nerd stuff happens in the ebike scene. Which battery cell, what motor controller, mid-drive or hub motors.

    The Bafang M620 Middrive Motor can be moded to run with 2000watts (legal in the EU is 250watts). So you'll be plenty fast.
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    You don't like gaming so the other option is Watching movies or tv series.
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    Singing and calligraphy. Wouldn’t say I’m good at either thing, but I enjoy it.
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    @AmyShackles nah, you sing pretty good
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    It may sound silly, but I really like cooking elaborate meals like grandma used to. It occupies the mind, requires some proper timing, it's a luddite skill you can develop further... and you end up with something delicious that takes the pain of losing your hobby to your work away for a bit. It's like... self-made sympathy.
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    Same over here dude! My hobby was Ops. Now is not anymore due to work. I've started a backend course to get into the dev world and also learning music/piano. I have hobbies again :-)
    But, the backend course is on JS...so...sometimes one hobby just confuses me and makes me sad.
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