My family didn't support me become a dev. In fact, they sent my brother to a programming course and me to play tennis (gender tracking at its finest). Luckily, both me and my brother didn't give up our true calling. Today, I'm a developer and he is a gym instructor/personal trainer.

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    Sorry to hear that, but at least the story had a happy ending
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    Great that you're both now doing what you love, and in retrospect almost amusing that your parents had you completely backwards!
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    Glad to hear that one of you actually has a job and gets paid :D
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    @AlmondSauce By the number of guys in the industry that have 0 passion for engineering, and just count the seconds until 17:00, a lot of parents pressured their boys into shit they didn't want to do.
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    @NickyBones I think a lot have ended up doing it based on "I wanna be cool 1337 haxxor" and then decided the money was too good to stop. But yes, I agree - the contrary works also, I've not yet found a woman in the industry who wasn't very good at what she did.
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    @AlmondSauce The other cases are soviet/Asian education of "You can choose between becoming a lawyer, doctor or an engineer. Any other profession is a disgrace to the family." - Some guys think engineering is the lesser evil :)
    I met one women engineer who was a fraud, but yes, in general, most women engineers really like what they do.
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    So it was backwards..
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    @NickyBones Most likely because it's hard to go against the gender stereotypes like that if you are not passionate about the subject
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