Another Racoon successfully hired in the team 😁👍

We are consistently degrading our team.

Dude can't even talk in English. Like that's the working language of the company. That's like an official language of the nation and with 15+ years of experience he pronounces words like someone is having a stroke.

He literally just speaks random words to make a sentence without any grammar. Because fuck grammar and basic communication skills.

And during intro I asked him to tell me about himself (he already joined the team and this isn't an interview). He goes on for 10 minute long intro about how he worked with Bijinesses and was in Murica for 5+ years (well because being in Murica is coolest and highest achievements for phallus heads here).

And when I asked him WHY he wants to work on certain activity to which he replied that because he is interested in it. And I asked him why he is not interested in other activities to which he said he is interested in this activity which is why he isn't interested in other activities where he didn't get any success.

What the actual fuck!!

He had zero sense of what he is speaking or saying or doing and he just functions as a human based on who knows what.

We are a fucking FAANG level brand and you hire this trash panda?

God damn shit. I need to move out as soon as I can. Morons have no sense of reality.

Not his actual picture but I wouldn't be surprised if he looked like this.

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    Stop raccoon shaming dude. They have feelings
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    Is it that strange that he doesn't talk english? I thought it was common in non english(US/UK/AU) countries
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    @rooter yeah, I realise now. Accept my apologies.

    @SoldierOfCode In my country, English is the working language especially in corporates and even then I don't expect you to be fluent or anything. You know know how to pronounce words and stuff.

    And if you cannot do that, even then it's fine. But then stop bragging about being into Murica for so many years and working with Bijiness when all the only reason you want to do something is because it's cool without any underlying knowledge.
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    How bad do you have to be the not have the 6th year of an h1b wrung out of you 🤣

    I will say though, the number of indians I've worked with who come here and literally never associate with anything but other indians and have poor language skills as a result is ridiculous. They have an opportunity to throw off the comfort blanket and grow, but don't.
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    @SortOfTested incompetency.
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    @SortOfTested yes, i worked with India a few times too. They also came a few times to the netherlands. There were some culture differences (so nothing wrong with them or us, it's just culture) that made it bit hard to work. I don't want to go in detail about that.

    But the English - they have their own English. Its just different.

    @F1973 I know you're from India and your English in writing is way more advanced than the people I worked with
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    Oh I'm aware. The majority of my colleagues my entire career have been Indian. If you work in tech in the US, you're going to predominantly work with people not from the US.
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    @rooter Besides, I think that racoon may be the Pope or something. We should show some respect.
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    And in the mean time I can't get a job.... 😂

    I think my English is pretty good. 🤔

    Just saying. 🙊
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    There's your solve:

    - move to India
    - change your name to Raj Srinistavarenamon
    - grow a moustache and muss up your hair
    - tell the interviewer you spent "5 yejs in mejica wojiking for vejy bij bijiness."
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    @SortOfTested hahahahahha spot on.
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    @rodrigograca31 what phase are you stuck?
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    @halfflat this is by far the best looking pope
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    @F1973 as I ranted here: https://devrant.com/rants/3034336/...

    I've been interviewing for some big companies (not FAANG) one by one and getting through multiple stages on each one and then I get a "no" at the end.
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    @rodrigograca31 here's what I feel after reading your post:

    1. Don't have enough skills and/or experience to back up those skills

    2. Wrong answers or not matching hiring manager's expectations in terms of answers even though you have required skills for the job. Improvise on various social and interpersonal skills and read about how to answer common questions to stand out.

    Don't be generic or mediocre with your responses.

    3. Being picky without having a strong profile. I don't mean you are stupid or dumb. What I mean is that competing contenders are better able to prove themselves and you get left out because you have higher standards without actually meeting the criteria.
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    yeah probably mostly 1 and 2, even though I got 8 years of experience 🤔

    and huge personal projects (App with 1+ Million downloads)
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    @rodrigograca31 try Google format for resume and learn STAR method for behavioural questions.

    Reaching last rounds indicate you are doing well on technical rounds and last rounds are more of a behavioural and culture fit rounds to judge you as a person, team worker, judge your character.

    STAR method will help.
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    I once worked with an Italian guy from Sicily. Not only his accent was impossible to understand but he also had a heavy stutter. Oh boy discussions with this guy. At this point I would prefer any random indian guy.

    Most of people in the office managed to understand 2-3 words from a sentence that he makes, the rest you have to guess from the context.

    What was even worse was that he even sucked in writing a lot. Dude is not able to form sentences.

    And then the cherry on top - he is very sensitive so we have to be careful with him and pretend that we understand him.

    Eventually he was left alone to code an identity management system, spent one year on it, created basically a blackbox with no comments and no documentation. Then left.
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    @zemaitis sounds more like a dick.

    Not knowing the language is understandable.

    Not putting in efforts and above that being sensitive will leave you alone.
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