Only 9 Notifs's now in the devRant webclient ?

Is this an "upgrade" ?

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    Oh goodie, related rants !

    Oh wait, the bottom one is 4 years old..

    Be nice if it told you that before clicking on it !
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    I'm glad the notifs are wiped out
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    Holy pony. @cyanide, there is a female version of you called cyanite
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    Why do people care about the notifs so much? I don't even get them. I only see them in app. Should the notifs be outside the app too? In that case, it's broken in my case
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    But how will you know if someone said something in a message thread without them ?
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    As if by magic, the number has now grown from 9 to 14 !

    FX [ Sounds of plunger unblocking something in the distance.. ]
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    @Nanos new notifs do appear. It is the old ones that have gone

    A purge activity done by Admins to save space and slow queries? 🤔
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    @asgs a purge activity done to ban a bot that was spamming comments and upvotes
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    @rooter Transgender version but yeah. I know. They know. We all know :)

    @Cyanite hasn’t been around, lately. People have pointed out in the past that we talk similar. I don’t know about myself but they are awesome. They were (hopefully, still are) developing their own language!
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    Up from 14 to 22 now, I guess things are back to normal.

    Pity there isn't a historical option to view all previous ones.. (Like in other systems! as nothing nicer than reading 30 year old posts..)
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