after these final year exams , i would need to unlearn some of the garbage am stuffing into my brain.
Particularly Human Computer Iteraction(HCI) , that shit is even worse than the state of buzzwords words like blockchain and agile, this stuff is just so meta and boring, i am feeling like sitting in a rocket science class mixed with ancient literature

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    Lol, they changed it again?!

    It was MMI (Man Machine Interface)

    Then HMI (Human Machine Interface)

    Now HCI?

    Or are these different things?
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    HCI has been a thing for awhile. It's the holistic attempt to wrap pseudo-scientific psycho and behavioral analysis around control design. In practice, UX people dared to ask the question, "what if 99% of our effort were dedicated to solving and understanding usability for .001% of users?"
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    @SortOfTested more like "we need to come up with a sequence of no-good buzzwords so the company doesn't realize that we are doing nothing except playing ping pong behind the closed doors"
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