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Can you see the irony?

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    Poe's Law is hitting me hard here...

    Is that image ... not intended to be satire?
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    its just so funny to see all those management phrases there..

    its like a fucking lexikon for "it-speech"

    ... right shifting? (top right corner) WTF!
    what the hell is right shifting... we are trying to "shift left", dudes!.. the only thing we wanna right shift is bits, maybe

    ... management 3.0 ?? fuck you all

    is this a joke?
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    Deloitte talking like they even know.
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    It’s obvious if you’re interested in history, religion and law. Just give people one rule and let them use it and modify it freely.
    After couple of years, months, decades, ages you end up with couple millions of pages that are about rules that nobody knows where they’re coming from.
    It’s in our roots to complicate obvious shit and make it special.
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    true words spoken
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    @devnulli yeah also I think it’s record time we are living without major global conflict that would wipe most of crap so amount of shit we live in is enormous. ( in less then 25 years from now it will be 100 years after second world war )
    As we see it’s getting harder to keep this status.
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    Deloitte... They can be real jokers, even if it's not the primary aim.

    Also, we live now in the Agile Trademark age. Certifications must be sold, training must happen....
    I know so much agile certified fucker who doesn't get "why" some old white dudes created the manifesto...

    Real betterment is a detail in the hype history
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    So the agile landscape v3 drops the "People over processes" rule that's at the core of agile?

    Hell is where all good intentions die...
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    What do they mean by "12 cardinal sins" on the right of the circle? This whole image is littered with useless words which does not even make sense. 2x2 matrix, monte carlo, decision tree, rules of simplicity, card sort, queuing theory, buffer management.

    Seems like someone opened glossary page of a computer science textbook and crammed all the words on a subway map
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    Looks like a subway of a really fucked up place..
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    I'm imagining a discussion about button color stuck in that blue circle for months:

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    Thats how I wish the metro lines look like in my city. Seriously, are Deloitte PMs and upper management alright? Blink twice if you need help.
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    I could imagine someone using that chart style for visualizing actual workflows.
    But this one is probably just satire.
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    Nope. Deloitte imports more H1Bs than amazon. They use charts like this as a way to try and maximize headcount. They pitch that they have incredible process and insight they can drop into your company and magic. The only thing they actually drop is a hundred bodies and a massive bill.
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    @sladuled, I actually thought it was the subway in Moscow
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    @Rohnek-Kdosi (: Naah, MSK has 2 somewhat concentric 'rings' and is no way near being that messed up 🤣🤣🤣
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    The Moskau metro features a simple logical layout, has been built to survive a thermonuclear war and is always clean.
    It is the exact opposite of current IT.
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    @SortOfTested reminds me of this article on bullshit jobs. It's a great read:
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    Isn’t it ironic that my dad works for Deloitte?
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    In the US:

    There's a 1 in 1000 chance someone works for Deloitte
    The 1 in 350 chance someone is a contractor for Deloitte
    There is a in 20 chance someone works with a Deloitte subcontractor.

    It's similar for most developed nations

    It's not really surprising, no. They're one of 50 companies that have spent the last 40 years attempting to control the labor pool and force everyone into being contract labor.
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    @SortOfTested any source for the numbers there? 1 in 1000 seems disproportionate
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    Estimates always come from US BLS.

    The US has an candlestick point of 330~350M humans. Deloitte has 350k FTEs.

    That's the most generous perception. The US has 64M professionals, est. Using that number, you have a 1/182 chance of whomever you meet working for them.

    Deloitte focuses mostly on finance/accounting/business and software engineering. There are roughly 5M people in the US total in those jobs. Using that number, there's a 1/14 chance.

    I chose the value I found least outrageous. People don't understand the impact the consulting and outsourcing glut has had on our economy.
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