The definition of bad addiction is such that there is something x that you/your body really wants, but you/society have declared as a wrong thing to do/consume and thus you feel its a bad thing to do. But if you do that you will regret it even more , thinking that you have somehow failed to constrain yourself and you are somehow a slave of your addiction.
At both ends their is pain and regret

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    Is it harmful to you or your surroundings? If yes: Bad addiction.
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    @kescherRant Harm is not enough to determine the badness or goodness of things. To some a thing is harmful and to others it is not.

    For example, if a drug addiction means you leave your stable high earning job for a series of unstable, low-paying but flexible jobs, most would see your drug addiction as harmful. But a person who doesn't see stability and earning as inherently better than having free time and maximizing pleasure in one's life would not see the drug addiction as harmful. In fact, that addiction is beneficial because it pulls the person out of "corporate misery" and into a life one truly owns.

    Not even getting to how an addiction can be beneficial to you but harm society at large (then what do we do about it).

    Not easy to measure "harm". We all don't agree on what's harmful and what's not.
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    Is sex a bad addiction? Seems like it ticks all the properties
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    @justamuslimguy If it pleasures you, but harms literally everybody else in society, it's a bad addiction.
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    @iiii sex is wrong based on the conditions around it : age , consent of parties involved, etc
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