I am annoyed af...

As I slowly get clarity about this, I realised what a trash place we have created for ourselves and other species too.

I am Product Manager and now the ratio of PM:Dev is usually on average 1:10.

Now when a dev goes job hunting, they apply few places, get some calls, their skills are tested and validated, they get an offer, join and perform tasks that are given to them. No fucking rocket science. Everything can be learnt.

Now let me explain you the fuck up corporates have created for PM space. They want the exact match. You heard me right. EXACT FUCKING MATCH. One should be from the same domain, same industry, have had same past experience, must know how to code, can design, knows business, handles sales and customers, and everything. Cool. And little misalignment and you are kicked out.

What the fuck!!! What about skills? Well.. we don't give a fuck about your skills.

And hang on.. the shit country I belong to has additional filtering criteria of having B.Tech and MBA from top tier college else you are a worthless person not skilled enough to even clean the office toilet.

Alright, so until now I used to think I am retard lacking skills or unable to crack the interview. Turns out I am performing well in job search. Out of 600+ applications, I got ~25 calls and ~5 interviews and ~2 references in 4 weeks. This is a fucking good score. Can you believe it?

How do I know? Well I discuss my failures more than my success and I started talking to folks who too were interviewing and when I said I am struggling and these are the numbers, they were astonished and they said they are struggling through 8+ months with almost zero success.


I was talking to a chic this evening and she even had post graduation and good brands on her resume yet she is struggling. Another guy going through the same and many others too.

The market is rigged. I always wanted to go into business. I stuck around into Tech and found the PM role. It aligned with business but in tech side so I fucking loved it.

Then slowly realised how everyone just follows the sheep mentality with absolutely no creativity and people just copy each other. The role totally lacks innovation and it's all about building enough to raise next round of capital.




I soooo want to go back to my business world or maybe become a simple tester who happily floats around breaking products.

I totally regret not learning how to code. HOW MUCH I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR NOT KNOWING HOW TO CODE.

Surrounded by sheeps and everyone has a herd mentality where I currently work.

One Dumbfuck today said AI/ML can be implemented without any database so why are we not considering that option and wasting time analysing data via ML. Fuck me in arse with a rock dildo.

These guys are getting paid millions for just being dumb and other dumbs around agree to him because he somehow has an experience of some client who had an ex-dev who once worked on Business Intelligence.

I am soo annoyed with this culture. When will the system tip?!!!!

I need more freedom, innovation, and creativity to create value and solve impacting problems instead of chasing degrees or valuation.

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    And while LinkedIn is next Facebook trash, there are some good nuggets found rarely.
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    I am victim of my CV right now. If not my determination despite I finished over 12 projects in small teams I would land on street without job and money.

    Well that’s the world we live in.
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    I have an option right now to climb to a product manager role. This serves as a red herring. Thanks for the rant my man. Hope it gets better for you for the system seems to fucked into oblivion. Best of luck.
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    Do I really have to hit +600 applications?! 😭😭

    I usually only applied to 20-30 ads, got several interviews, and 1-2 offers.
    The offer may not be perfect but it's usually acceptable.
    I don't want to have to wait so long (like 8 months?!) to hit 600+. Being in a not-so-perfect job is better than being unemployed.
    Are you that picky?
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    @3rdWorldPoison think before you get into PM. It's not bad in itself just that People have fucked it up.

    @cho-uc 600+ applications in 1 month, not 8 months.
    And what part of my post makes you think I am picky? The whole post was comparison between a dev and rest of the folks go through.
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    So in average 20 submissions/day.

    That's still a lot, I am not sure there are even that much ads out there (in 1 country), except if you're applying internationally (in other countries too?).🤔

    It feels like you're not serious in your job search, and you're just testing the water (finding out how many offers you can get without an intention of accepting one). I may have been a bit earlier to judge, so tell me, what is the reason you do that (i.e applying for +600 companies, instead of < 40).

    I know this is a off topic, but this part is what interest me from your rant 😅
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    @cho-uc Because if you read the rant carefully, I have explained WHY I am applying so many places instead of <20.

    I am not a dev and things are different for folks who are not a dev.

    It's a matter of perspective and sorry I cannot explain how to look at things beyond a particular angle.
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    Come to Belgium, you can PM me. 😏😋
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    @xewl I got my France offer rescinded, else I had plan to meet and hangout with everyone regularly.
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    @F1973 sucks man. There'll be more opportunities in life tho :))
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