You know the story, you turn off your laptop, go to bed, and in the morning...

It doesn't boot..

Windows tries its automatic repair, doesn't work..

Lets try a restore point..

Says it successfully restored..

Only it doesn't boot..

Lets try safe mode, that works !

Now what.. ?

No really, now what !

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    Lol happened just yesterday to me!
    Looks like there is an unreported global bug

    I freaked out went straight to the hp service center , they gave it a single look and told that windows need to be re installed. Reinstalled windows , and the system's worked.

    (Lost a month's worth of data tho :( )
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    U mad? Ubuntu.
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    Since I'm in safemode, I can backup everything. (why is backing up such a PITA ! copy a folder and every 5 minutes there is some issue that it can't copy that file because of issue X/Y/Z do you want to continue, skip.. and a little tick box that it seems to take no notice of !)

    Yeah, I want to try and avoid a reinstall if possible !

    So far digging through event viewer logs hasn't given any magic answers. (Lots of errors that don't find any easy google answers..)

    Amusingly, it says there is nothing wrong with the HD, except when I then try and scan it, it says there are errors and it needs repairing, but then, doesn't repair them..

    (Of course, it could be the hard disk on its way out and I'm just lucky I can boot into safe mode..)

    But I'm more inclined to think its windows screwing up someplace..

    Since its a Dell laptop, and it occasionally doesn't boot, but a reboot usually fixes that..

    Except not today !
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    Today it came up with some weird never seen by me before DOS like menu choice, of 3 items, one something like F2 Continue Setup.

    Since I had no idea what that was, I wasn't about to continue with it !

    Probably something important..
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    If only the software I'm using ran on Ubuntu. :-)

    Eventually at some point, I'll write my own, and then I can use Ubuntu !

    And have just as many PITA moments with that no doubt !

    Cutting my teeth on Linux with a Raspberry Pi..

    (That is also proving a PITA too, just as much as Windows..)
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    @Nanos for me it was getting shut down after automatic repair screen. I also did not got much info after quick scans and didn't had a live usb with me. Backup as much as you can. Try pushing to GitHub private repos if that's allowed in safe mode(idk much about that)
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    @yowhatthefuck Back the fuck up! Yes, this.
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    @Nanos Boot up a live Linux and back up your data from there. Also, just use other SW. It's not like one's life depends on using a specific SW, give that humanity didn't have SW at all for the most part of history.

    That F2 thing was probably some BIOS message. You should have read what exactly it tried to tell you.
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    Data now perhaps backed up..

    (What of those secret invisible folders I wonder..)


    chkdsk /r

    Will see if that magically fixes anything before proceeding to the next stage..

    Related link where I got that bit of advice from:


    Next I will try and boot normally, then back into safemode to see if I've broken it more or not..

    Then, probably this:

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    I accidentally changed the font in MS Notepad and can't remember what it used to be..

    Which I thought would be answered here:

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    You know the story, you turn on your laptop, go to bed, and in the morning...

    It boots !

    I don't know if it was:

    chkdsk /r

    Which apparently didn't find any issues..

    Or that booting into safemode and then trying to boot normally fixed it. (I know from personal experience, just doing that can magically make things work!)

    There was an awful lot of, I have no idea what that means Windows log entries before it did successfully boot as per normal..

    Of course, whether it will do that again is another matter !


    I didn't have to do a fresh install of Windows. :-)

    And then spend 3 months tinkering with all the settings, putting applications back in, and all the associated passwords, network connections,etc. so its fully functional again.

    Yes there are backups, but how many times have backups successfully worked. :-)

    (I hear, not as often as they should!)

    What I should have is X identical machines, so I can practice a restore and see if it does work !
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    @Nanos What you should do after the setup with all applications and settings and shit, that's making a disk image with Clonezilla. Not only that this guards against OS issues, it also covers disk failure.
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    Further developments...

    More problems..

    Was working fine, until I turned it off. :-)

    Then, it forgot the time !

    That strange menu appeared again, only this time I spent a while reading it, and trying to figure out what its for.

    BIOS related..

    Or rather, pre-BIOS, since if you choose the F2 option, it then goes into the BIOS where you can set the date and time correctly.

    So, my first assumption is, CMOS battery issue..

    As it restarted several times fine.

    Lets try turning it off, and not turning off the power to it, and then turning it on to see if it looks more like a CMOS issue.

    Then add it to the todo list of things to do..

    Meanwhile, leave the power to it on 24/7.
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    And I also discovered it wasn't able to sync with its current time server selected.

    After searching for another one that actually worked, found one eventually !


    Maybe that contributed to the issue ?
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