I was stressing myself over an activity where the lead from the other team we were suppose to collaborate is leading "Product Tech Innovation".

I was just procrastinating and was anxious for not being productive.

I had submitted the business use case with my lead, manager, VP, and EVP.

They all loved it.

Now we have VP's pet pussy cat. Bitch makes sure to make our task as difficult as possible and gave the VP a blowjob for her use case to be considered.

After 3 teams spent 2+ months on the task, VP all of a sudden realised that the use case we are doing is shit and not well thought through. According to him we are garbage and his pet is genius for coming up with a better use case.

Cool. Let's see what the use case is. After analysing, everyone internally concluded that the case doesn't make sense and VP only wants another BJ so he wants to implement it.

And I am a retard who was stressing myself for a company who doesn't give a fuck about me.

Fuck it. We are on call with him and my screen is being shared and I type this rant from phone because fuck them and their shitty politics. Lol

I am slowly learning the fact that never give up your health and well being for any employer and just focus on your own personal growth and benefits.

And on that note, this kind of shit on LinkedIn pisses me off further.

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    Never stress yourself over a company. You are not a company, you're only temporarily there.
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    Also that LinkedIn post is shit 🤣
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    @iiii yes man. I have given soooo much to this company and burned myself over them.

    I am slowly realising that not only my health was impacted but also my potential wasted.

    Man... Just one job offer, one fucking offer on same salary and kick this job and move to new place...

    Holding my horses as times will change.
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    @iiii makes sense. Good reminder of this photo. Thanks bro.
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    It doesn’t cost nothing to be kind. It costs time and energy, and occasionally money, and is very rarely appreciated. Those that deserve kindness and help often do not need it; those that beg are overwhelmingly either lazy or parasites. Once these people realize you will help them, they will very often continue to beg, and get angry when you finally say no. So it also costs dignity, and reputation if they get noisy about it.

    Being kind, especially too kind, is quite expensive.
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    @Root when we last had this conversation, you changed my perspective and now I stopped being kind and focus on ownself first.
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    @F1973 I remember 😊

    Restated for others’ benefit.
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    @Root thanks and that restatement helped me too.

    This community has taught me more than internet.
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    I hate linkedin and social Media exactly for this.
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    @iiii I can't argue with that.
    @F1973 your company gives you a paycheck for the work you have completed - that's the end of the deal, they don't pay for working harder, they don't pay for finishing quicker, and they sure as hell don't pay for being an over achiever.

    This is the line we must draw in the sand.

    Keep strong and look after the guy that does the work, not the guy raking in the $$$$ from your work.
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    @C0D4 yes sir. I realised after years but still better late than never.
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    @F1973 it's ok, it's a hard lesson to learn.

    Especially when the company culture is "but think of what we do for you".

    In retrospect though, I care for my work, not for the company paying me to do it.
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    @C0D4 for that I have two philosophies:

    1. Love your work and skills. Not the job or company. I used to follow this since a long time but often slipped.

    2. Trust your skills as they got you here, they'll take you further in life.
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    You’re yellow now! I actually kinda like that lol, it looks good
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    @OmerFlame That's for the compliment homie :)
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