Didn't renew my personal website domain in time and now it's priced at $670 as a premium domain. Missed by just 2 days. Feeling furious. 😡😡😥😥😭😭

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    Wouldn't be surprised if there's some folks / registrars out there who grab just expired domains for the purposes of catching someone who has regrets and money to spare.

    I had someone spam me about an old domain I owned seemingly trying to do just that.
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    @N00bPancakes unfortunately I don't have money to spare and a lot of regrets
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    That is a large portion of the domain "trader" business. That's why you always autorenew.
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    Your website still in your bio
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    Time for a similarly looking domain
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    Isn't there like a grace period? 30 days or something? Or is this one of those fuckers that never actually sell you the domain?
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    @Demolishun actually I messed up
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    These things should be considered while choosing Domain Provider, Alas, it's too late.
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    With that Money i could use 134 .de domains for a year.
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