Now I know why many religious books include a rule against this..

It's so you don't get RSI and can't type much..

> Repetitive strain injury

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    I'm reminded I got a new keyboard + mouse so I wouldn't get RSI so easily in my right hand.

    And it's worked !

    But now I get RSI in my left hand instead..

    Maybe what I need is a foot operated numberpad..

    I wonder if drivers get RSI in their feet ?
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    I can just play osu! all day and get RSI, and have not committed a sin, bcuz I hate dem 2d tiddy maps.

    Religion 0 - -1 Humankind
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    @Nanos play platformer games with many different combos like Celeste to prevent doing the same thing over and over again to fix that issue temporarily. I get my fingers locked when I play Minecraft too much so that worked for me lol

    Also, try searching "osu hand stretching" for warming up your hand before doing heavy/rapid keyboard work, it helps too.
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    Trouble is I type a lot..

    FX [ Counts the 1+ Million posts on a certain social media platform as an example.. ]

    Then there are a million and one things that need building / fixing here, so I'm practically using my hands all day.

    I'm somewhat ambidextrous, so not all the loading is on my main hand.

    I'm trying to find things I can cut back on to reduce RSI..

    Gaming of course is one of them. :-(
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    Watch them. Do them. Regularly.
    Or just visit a proper doctor lmao im a stranger on the interwebs.
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    The other day I rang a proper doctor, they suggested I ask another doctor instead..

    Progress is slow. :-)
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