I am confused about whether recruiter is polite or rude..

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    "I just believe in and practice radical honesty. You're a paycheck and I'm going to chew up and spit out hundreds of you this week alone. if you can't handle that, find another recruiter.

    No apologies, no regrets, 0 fucks,
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    WTF is "product hiring"? I searched, what I found was inconclusive.
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    @SortOfTested fucking savage. Hilarious.

    @Demolishun it means for Product companies or in any larger organisations, it means for Product teams who work on core stuff in Product Management.

    Yes but in this response, 'Product Hiring' still doesn't make sense.
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    @SortOfTested It's like a fight in Baki, but in written form.
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    Hopefully the early 2000s version.
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    Shortest rant from you
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    No apologies or No. Apologies?

    I can't believe they don't care how their words could be interpreted
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