So can anyone suggest me a no-html/css blogging solution with very basic markup ( headers, text , image and code blocks(v. imp)
that would satisfy the following constraints:

1 must allows syntax highlighting for code
2 must have a wyswyg editor for creating blogs with code blocks/ auto image copy paste feature(like ms word or google docs)
3 automatically generate pages or generate pages with minimal steps(like one click to publish button and article is published
4 remote content management. I don't wanna have to upload my whole repo to upload one article
5 categorizing/tagging system(but not necessary)
6 ads/discussion forum (but not necessary)
7 free/ minimal cost hosting

I have tried a lot of solutions like wordpress, blogger and static site generator like mkdocs. mkdocs has been my most favorite tool as it gave almost all those features but had a few issues:

1. it fucked up my python modules
2. for every new article, i would have to add a line in some yaml file, and the file was growing big. it was manageable but i get lazy in the process : look at file properties, copy paths( with windows adding another stupid layer of inconvenience), pasting file names, etc

3. would have to manually add image in the folders to use them in articles
4. the mkdocs would need to first build locally and then it would upload it to ghpages via git. I would have preferred that i add an article via github gui and it starts showing automatically

5. no fun in writing articles. would have to write article as if writing some code, with all the markdown syntax of # ,** and ``` . I ended up writing articles in google docs, and adding their links in the nav menu via yaml file. meh. worked but kinda disjointed.

I am guessing maybe jekyll could be an option, thoughts? I also revisited wordpress and that could potentially be a solution to all my needs, but i haven't seen a free hosting solution for wordpress that doesn't come with its limitations and hassles


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    A host is like $3 a month.

    I use crocweb. No bullshit cheap hosting. Has installers for WP.
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    @Demolishun nah. mostly my blogs are unpolished rough notes kind of stuff that won't be fetching me any money. so not gonna invest much in that, except maybe buying a domain
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    Hugo does all but 4
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    @AkshayTolwani hey thanks for this. i tried hugo + netlify cms and it was awesome! almost what i needed. when i created a new project , it generated a whole coffee selling website. i liked it but was not able to customize it much/ like, for eg there are many elements on the home page that are directly linked in the cms page that i cannot remove. so i left it out for now (https://laughing-panini-c756a2.netlify.app/...) . will be looking into customizing it when i have some time.

    I currently went back to using mkdocs+ material for my site. i setted a github action which would automatically generate the site when i change something via github gui or add new pages. its also working very nicely, all with the disqus comments section and google analytics
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