Hey all! It's been awhile :-) I very much hope everyone is doing well & staying safe! Here in the Aus things are slowly starting to get better! I've been slowly chipping away at my project here below:


I would love to know what you think of it! I've recently made it such that it runs in the background and the data it spits out is replaced every one hundred seconds :-) - Any feedback, however nice or even harsh is certainly appreciated :-)

Thank you for taking the time to read through my post! - hope everyone has a great end of week ahead!


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    Just a couple of things:
    As you say it's cross platform but note that in Linux there is no "cls" command usually, it's "clear". Maybe you want to add some check to use one of another.
    Also I am getting an error about numer of arguments of plt.show(graph_space())... Shouldn't be plt.show(), without arguments?
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    @cafecortado Thanks for this! I've used plt.show() before however removed it since it kept saying in the terminal that it will be removed or something along the lines of that :-) I appreciate the feedback!
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    @cafecortado Oops sorry forgot to mention :-) in my code i've tried in the -all_charts section of the if-statement the plt.show() however it does not load the charts, so i've tried plt.show(barchart()) etc and it seems to load both the piechart and barchart, however one needs to be closed before the other opens, so i'm not so sure on what to do there :-)
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