Dating site...


Search 18 to 66 age range..


Only allowed to search 40 to 70 age range !

Damn it !

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    Plot twist: OP is only 25.
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    Just do the firefox Edit and Resend, replacing the age ranges.
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    Perfect age
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    How do you do that then ?

    The site in question used to have a nice long URL that you could tinker with and change things.

    Then they did away with that, but that still worked for a while.

    Now.. I don't know how to fool it !
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    Only if I looked over 40 :-)

    Trouble is, one of my requirements is a woman without kids, and the older the woman is, the more likely she is to have kids.

    Though, once you go above a certain age, the kids are not kids anymore, but the woman starts to look old enough to be my mother..
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    That's an evil dating site..
    But on a serious note, how the hell it won't alow different age searches?! O.o
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    They gave two reasons in the press, something like:

    Older men pestering younger women, this puts a stop to it !

    I guess men can't lie about their age then..

    (Actually, its against the law here to do that now..)

    And, the chances of a successful relationship go right down the further apart people are in ages, something like 15+ years difference and virtually no chance of success !

    Meanwhile, a more expensive dating site owned by the same company, lets you search 18 to 66 just fine..
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    @Nanos zomg.. lamest excuse for age restriction..
    Like you can't create a fake profile..with age, gender, pics & bio..
    & like they force everyone to reply to all requests & there's no block option.. lam site is lame.. :/

    Anyhow, good luck!
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    Oh there is a block option !

    Even more than that, there is an age restriction option too, so you can set it such that you don't get any messages from anyone say, above 40..

    But I guess its too much hard work to ask a user to set up their own variables..

    I suspect a bit of PC culture has wormed its way into things, coupled with, if we make this site shit, folk might go and spend more money at our better site !

    Though its hard to tell from all the other broken parts of the site if they really intend it to be like that, or if they just haven't hired anyone who could fix it..
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    @Nanos lol @ last pragraph
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    It's only really for scientific research purposes, got to try and disprove the theory that I'm not yet attractive enough to date !

    Long way to reach one other person here who tried 5 and a half million would be dates with no success.

    I've only tried 1 and a half million so far !

    My hearts not really into it to get another million, since I reckon I'm pretty sure it won't make any difference.

    Still, its fun for 5 minutes to message what you think is the most suitable match for yourself, to find out they looked at your profile, read your message, and deleted it..

    Occasionally one gets short conversations, like the other day when we both pretended to live in an area we didn't really live in !
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    Amusingly, as a man you stand a better chance to get a date in a dating site that is badly coded, since it means its harder for the more attractive guy to find your date..

    But bad code can only help so much. :-)
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    Dating site is money graber for man
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    @Nanos You would get the list of the ladies while devTools network is open. You would then find the request and use the "Edit and resend" button in the details view and edit the JSON or whatever.
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    That sounds like I need to hire the person who understands how to do that. :-)

    But if I could afford to hire such a person, I probably wouldn't be single. :-)
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    18-66.. Quite huge range 🤔😂... Sorry..😊
    I think that one feature you were writing about - to Block users of certain age group - that they cant contact me.. Its in my opinion very good feature and prevention against for example group of older men, I am not interested in and it would be disgusting for me to be contacted by them.. 🙃.... Why not. But your issue seems to me quite strange. I Really dont understand whay in different days the filters have changed.. 😄.... Yeah I would not be a great programmer 😂
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    > Quite huge rang

    Well, I'd hate to miss the love of my life because they are 18 and I put my limit to 19..

    I notice if you are too picky on a dating site, your choices can end up as a single person in the entire world !

    Who then doesn't like you back..

    As such, its worth expanding your list of agreeable traits / etc. to ones that you don't hate !
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    @Nanos.... I dont know how you guys see this dating apps.. But my experience is quite bad and after this I told myself - no dating apps ever..😁... Quite often people on dating apps pretend to be better as they really are or they are hiding behind something -Its easier to lie there... In my opinion the best way how to meet the perfect match is in real life..by doing your hobbies, or by finding a new hobby.... Or outside, when you are with friends in a bar 😁...there is always a friend of your friends, you dont know and she(he) is amazing 😉😁...
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    the best way how to meet the perfect match is in real life..


    FX [ Nods in agreement. ]


    I haven't got one of those !

    When the internet came along, it was great, you could chat to people who you wouldn't otherwise meet and go on dates.

    Then they closed all the popular chatrooms and now its just dating sites..

    So instead of competing against a dozen or two others, you end up battle it against thousands..
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