I come with updates. So many of them..

1. Getting multiple interview calls from decent companies and multiple interviews scheduled.

So many that find it difficult to find a time slot. Lol

If not for calendar, I wouldn't have been able to track them.

2. Got invited for an AMA session, which is cringe and I am forcibly attending because I committed and it's gonna be a massive failure because that silly girl who is hosting absolute sucks at using brain logically.

3. Got invited for 2 User Research interviews and one of them will be paid (assuming I get $50 Amazon voucher) and other one is from a decent company.

4. With this, my manager got a hint long back that I will be quitting and so another guy of my experience quit. So now they are aggressively pushing for my promotion and a good salary hike.

Based on company standards, when things go well, I might get 200% hike (you guessed it right, I am being exploited and underpaid) and still I won't touch market standards.

5. I started redoing my website and first version was good but code was crappy and layout was just workarounds.

On third day, today, I watched a YouTube tutorial on CSS and redid the crappy code with much better code from scratch.

The only thing I am stuck on since 3 days of this activity is adding a god damn footer and responsive layout.

6. Lastly I don't understand how my network keeps growing. Stop messaging/emailing/tagging me. I need some free time for myself to waste.

It's a long weekend and hopefully I should be able to rejuvenate and rest :)

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