Any recommendations for a slightly older model laptop that is 4+ core, AMD CPU, 8+Gb RAM capable, and comes with a SIM slot for mobile data use.

Running Windows 10 of course. :-)

And at least one USB port so I can plug a mouse in. :-)

And ideally a second monitor..

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    Yesteday, I turned my old laptop into "cloud" simply using KVM and virt-manager. But idk if it is possible on windows.
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    Price limit?
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    As cheap as possible. :-)

    As I couldn't find many examples via google, I thought, best to try and get a collection of at least all the models folk might suggest, and look for the cheapest of those on Ebay.

    My guess is that older models would be cheaper than newer models. (Newer models appear around the $500+ USD mark second hand.)

    I'd be quite happy with something 5 to 10 years old, if it had the features mentioned.
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    @Nanos Fair enough, what about screen size? You mentioned a second screen, but it's still nice to have a usable "lappy" (still blame you, Root) even without one.

    By the way, as @AkshayTolwani mentioned, those new Ryzen 4000 are great; it's going to be hard to find the same performance/TDP on older models.
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    Screen size isn't really a concern, since most of the time the plan is to link it up to a big monitor.

    But there will be times when it will be needed on the road (But I have superman style glasses, so can read even tiny screens. :-) for occasional use.

    Performance requirements will be quite low, email, web browsing, but lots of tabs open (20 to 50), heavy map use, so more than 4Gb of RAM required, 8Mb should be enough I imagine, more of course, is always nice !

    Using a 2core 2thread intel CPU 2Ghz something at the moment with 4Gb of RAM, and 5400rpm HD, its quite slow, and can only really handle half a dozen tabs open before it grinds to a talk.

    So guessing 4+ real cores would help, more RAM, and SSD.

    And of course, that all important SIM slot for mobile internet connection.

    I don't want an intel CPU since I've had an increasing number of issues with laptops with them, so hoping changing to AMD would solve that.
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    @yellow-dog can you help in finding this man a new lappy?
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    @AkshayTolwani That's the one I was looking for, but had trouble finding one with a Ryzen (HP website is such a mess...)

    The Honor/Huawei laptops are cheaper, but I don't think they have LTE variants.
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    Btw, i use a 2019 dell latitude 5490, it has a sim slot, but its intel. Pretty sure they have amd configs too.
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    Does that have a "sim slot" ?

    That seems one of the things when searching, no site has a tick box for !
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    Perhaps a better option would be a non-sim slot laptop, and one of these ?


    Then I need to find one of those that is both cheap, and you can plug an external aerial into, so I can get a signal if I'm in a poor signal location without going and standing on top of a mountain. :-)

    Ideally USB powered, then I can plug it into the laptop if I'm not at home base.
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