I just realized that I might have some racist (or nationality-racist [the word nationalist is already taken]) characteristics after all.. without ever noticing.

All my life I heard a lot of „all foreigners should be kicked out, back to their own countries“ statements (Switzerland sucks)

I kept telling them that they actually include me(German) as well every time they say shit like that.
What they actually meant was mostly North African countries, Turkish, Albanians, Italians and Russians.

What I actually did all this time was saying that I deserve to be there more than other nationalities do.

So basically I argued with „but I deserve it more than them“ because of where I was born all this time.

The thing that keeps me thinking is that I honestly never noticed this.

Don’t know if that makes sense to you guys, it’s another drunk post.

I just saw a comment like that here for the first time in 2y, it actually was hurtful so I thought bout it and concluded the above..

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    So? Not all cultures are compatible with all other cultures, and at scale, there's basically nothing that Turkish, Albanians, and Africans would bring to the table in Switzerland.

    Sure, you didn't do anything to be born in a roughly compatible culture like Germany, but it's not about you or your achievements. It's about their country and that they don't want it to get fucked up like Sweden.
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    It's a hard reality for some to reconcile. There are also cultural combinations that lead to gross usurpation due to incompatible ethical and societal frameworks.
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    I think it’s not clear what point I’m trying to make.
    Im a foreigner no matter where I am, even in Germany.

    My point is that I used to think I’m almost the same as the people in one place so they should accept me more than someone from a bit further away. Which is complete bullshit and I know that, I just never realized that k think like that.

    Maybe I’ll be able to explain my point when I’m sobered up.. or not. Anyway, happy weekend to all of you🍻
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    It’s also not supposed to be a political rant but a rant a flaw in my perception and mind.
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    @Root do you ever sleep? Feels like you’re always around, be it 2am or 5pm πŸ˜„
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    @just8littleBit Not really πŸ™
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    @Root πŸ™wish you a long and refreshing night of sleep.

    Maybe a hot whiskey with honey, makes you sleepy and gives you good dreams πŸ™‚
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    @just8littleBit Ahhh I want.
    But alas, no whiskey in the house. No rum, either!

    Thanks for the thought πŸ’›
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    @just8littleBit I only realised abroad how German I actually am. It's not Bratwurst and Hitler and shit, it's the little things you just take for granted like breathing until you find out they're not.

    I speak Norwegian somewhat fluently because I had plans to live there. I had never seen myself much as German, but it was there that I realised I just wouldn't be compatible with local co-workers. I'd drive them crazy, and they'd annoy me. What's average work ethics and efficiency to me would be madness to them.

    Hell, with all curses about German administration clerks (Beamte) - I even started appreciating them after I had been living in France for a while.
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    That's a really good observation and I got exactly what you meant. A better counter-argument would be that it's about bringing the people who need help or if there's a mutual benefit. What is the reason you are there? People just like you should have the opportunity not depending on where they come from.

    So, instead of asking "I am German, don't you want me here?", ask "I am an awesome guy, don't you want me here?"
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    @Fast-Nop I was told by a friend from Germany that was in my hs that I am the most German compatible Mexican American in the world. I never fully understood what my man said, but he and i clicked and he is to this day one of my closest friends
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    @Fast-Nop sorry for the errors, re edited it, i hate typing on my damned phone
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    I feel it's good that you policed yourself and confessed your thought-crime but why didn't you do so earlier? Lightly flog yourself 10x while chanting 'shame' imo (or you're a bigot)

    Damn I really wonder if I'm now a conservative sometimes. Did the lines move so much or did I just become a bitter old man who sees any progressive idea as the enemy. Maybe I should just accept it and buy a gun/pickup truck
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    Does anyone really deserve to be anywhere?

    Also, I like how people always look for the "most compatible" and "how it had always been" and "minimum conflict" and then for some reason don't see the hypocrisy of calling themselves anything but a conservative.
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    In case anyone mistakes my comments, I'm a centrist.

    I have the experience of living in a country where there's a very large percentage of economic migrants at the top end of the economy, where there is little actual need vs our domestic production of qualified applicants; most of the migration is to enable salary suppression for businesses. The bottom end of the job market has significant need, yet is continuously attacked by our far right because it's primarily lesser educated peoples who desperately need work and are therefore easy targets. The motivations of economic migrants are different than those of social immigrants, in terms of both interest and return contribution to a society.

    I'm always going to be center-right on economic migration for top end jobs when their primary purpose is to drive down wages and enable corporate malfeasance. I don't have a lower cost of living country to go back to, and I have children who will also need employment.

    To say the issue is simply complex is to do it a disservice.
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    Also, since when is it cool to ignore individual characteristics and personalities and just stamp everyone with the culture they grew with?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm the same with occupation (is "occupationist" even a word?) so I'm not the one to judge. But what I'm trying to say is that YOU fit within YOUR CIRCLE of people. Change neighborhood or career and you'll feel the difference.

    In simpler terms: "you belong there because you found a group of people you could fit well within. Not because of your nationality"
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    @SortOfTested fair. I haven't formed an opinion on your country's state of immigration tbh. But I do know one of mine constantly nags about immigrants while their own kids don't go to university, or don't do the fields that the country has shortage for. Hell, they even belive they deserve social services that technically these migrants paid for with their taxes. But then the govt has the audacity to not actually spend any money on mental health of the asylum seekers, who just came from horrific and traumatizing situations, and barely pays them anything till they can find a/any job.
    So idk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Ours is an odd mix. The Asian immigrants (not visa workers, green card scammers) are routinely able to capitalize on our minority social programs to enter and matriculate through advanced schooling, and their parents encourage it. The Hispanic and African immigrants tend to be the opposite, roping their children into family businesses and trades. I have little issue with either of these practices, as they both contribute to our national strength.

    The US social programs are laughable, so I guess if people want a slice of government cheese, have at it.

    I am primarily a strong proponent in you should immigrate because your current society doesn't align with you and another does. I've been working for years to immigrate to the UK. The country where I was born is wealthy, but painfully stupid and growing more corrupt by the day.

    The country I most align with ethically is Japan. There are far too many barriers to me relocating there, however.

    The one thing that makes me furious is when people form cloisters of their monoculture in a new place and don't attempt to become a part of things. I've never lived in an expat community, despite nearly 12 years of expat living. Doing so as an immigrant is an admission you would rather hold onto the familiar than the thing you claim to want to adopt.

    That's just my take though, everyone has their own reasons.
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    "you belong there because you found a group of people you could fit well within.


    What if there is no group of people you fit well with ?

    Does that mean you can start your own country ?
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    @Fast-Nop Also i will like to add most people probably arent even racists, but people have their limits for hospitality.

    If all people coming to a certain country and wouldnt exploit it, nationalism wouldn't even be a problem.

    If all the weak governments in Europe would actually start to execute/bannish the people that cause the problems, and the media would start to report on it. I think that would make fewer people being nationalists.

    Most people these days in european countires doesnt become nationalists due to some stupid superior complex shit, but rather due to being tired of getting the fuck finger by allowing people into their countires.
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    @Frederick I remember a survey that voters for all parties had between 60 and 70% agreement to their party - except the right-wing AfD where 75% said they instead just voted against the other parties.

    The AfD wouldn't have made it into the federal parliament if discussion hadn't been shut down across the board and the media.
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    @Fast-Nop This has always been one of my biggest problems with poltics in general, that both left & right wing parties have this mentality, where they only look at the problems with their own aganda to turn the reason behind the problem to either benefit their own agenda or blame the other side of the political spectrum.

    If you had this kinda of ignorant mindset in other jobs than as a politician, you would probably not even be hired.
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    @Frederick In a professional setting, this is known as "blame game", and while it happens a lot, it's at least generally seen as anti-pattern.

    Also, the fact that it was the opposing side who made a point isn't seen as counter-argument in itself and still needs to be refuted somehow.
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