I knew this was coming. A boring.. dull.. shitty week..

Didn't sleep well last night and was drowsy, non-productive, sore all day.

I am getting decent interview calls but unable to get past screening and even when I do, I am facing difficulty to clear interviews.

But situation is much better and I feel like I'll be closing some deal soon. Though nothing in pipeline immediately.

And I am soooo done with long repetitive and boring interview processes. Same shit, different companies.

And all these companies give home assignments which I absolutely hate doing. I FUCKING HATE YOUR CROWD SOURCING IDEA MECHANISM IN THE NAME OF JUDGING TALENT.

And then when you reach the last stage, you are either ghosted or not a great culture fit.

Well fuck off. The calls are decent but I see no hope as of now.

Let's see how this crappy week turns out when the start is already ugly.

And did I mention office politics?

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