So i have little bit of time today between classes. Grabbed old Xperia P.
Tried U-boot again nothing from UART.

Friend suggested hey that kernel base adress seems not correct change it.
I do.
I boot it up.
Display says nothing as expected.
I plug in UART.

OK for those who dont know what u-boot is well.
Im not fucking google. You are programmers. Go fucking search what it is jeez.

OK with that out of the way. What does this mean ?
Well since one guy was so nice and already did most of the work for U8500 chip then well USB should work.
It doesnt exactly but thats small issue cause EMMC works.
Since EMMC works i can check all the partitions and actually flash mainline kernel on this shit.
And well once Mainline shows me some output oh BOI.

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    What is u-boot? ;-)
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    I once did a full disk encraption on a uboot loaded odroid. Using uart.
    shit was cool.
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    @Haxk20 What is u-boot? Is it like uHaul?
    Or a uBoat?
    Or maybe it’s like U2?

    Maybe it’s a real boot but you only have one? How useless! But I guess that would be a “uni-boot.” 🤔
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    @magicMirror “Encraption”
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    "U-boot" is German and means "submarine".
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    @Root uboot is a bootloader. And go search duckduckgo
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    @Haxk20 I know, jeez.
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    U Boot is the fat magical vodoo lady who has the armada of fuckton embedded devices, their shitty extraneous configuration and "please I'm a special kind of snowflake" behaviourisms under her control.

    How? Don't dare to ASK.
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    Can u explain me what this you bot thing ?
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    @Root not a typo 😖
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    @magicMirror It certainly encraptifies your device if you forget the key...
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    you have idea.
    the key was in a nano yubi, that was epoxied into to usb port. It "Will Never Be Lost":
    the emmc card was also epoxied. also usb port, emmc, hdmi, pretty much the whole thing except network and AC.
    Anything goes wrong... throw the whole thing away.

    weird thing? the odroid is 45$. the nano yubi? 50$.
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    @magicMirror What the hell.
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    @Root 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    It made sense at the time. It was an anti tamper protection - in order to protect the data on the emmc.
    even if you somehow you got the emmc im working condition out of the epoxy, you then had to get the epoxied nano yubi out of the usb port in working condition.
    encraption? you bet!
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    @magicMirror Eh. Physical access and all. I can see it making sense at some point though. Especially after some whiskey.
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