Dev rant this is easy!!!!

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    Keep going, but get your mind set for seemingly endless midnight bug hunts :)
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    You're putting an int in a innerText dude
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    @rooter JavaScript doesn't give two shits. You can write Turing-compete code using only [ ] and +
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    I'm still learning JS but I already learned how to code an idle game with the button and upgrades I also learned CSS and if statements

    I think I'm getting there =D

    All ya have to do is assign the ID to the button and get the element from there
    Then tell JS to update the text every time the event listener catches the click =D

    Next project: Something similar to clicker heroes
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    @pxeger I know and that's exactly why you should do it good. This is where the stupid memes come from :) it's easier to do it always right.
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    "This is easy"

    Good, now bookmark this rant and come back to it next year :p
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    I'm finished with coding idle games, I'm making platformer games now!!
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