decided to put my script through a matrix determinant solver. literal *gigabytes* of determinants and it only got to 3% of the total.

python ran out of memory lol.

in other news I continue to unintentionally learn python instead of javashit.

inbetween trying to work on my game, work on a promotional game for newgrounds, prepare for the impending collapse of civil society (which consists of an old mandarin man teaching me how to cook and eat dog *karate kid* style), find a job, and find love (or hookers that wont rob me while participating in bondage).

also totally not growing magic mushrooms to cure my crippling 2008 induced depression, while grappling with zerohedge doomporn.

and in other news, I cooked seven burgers, checked fucking FOUR of them, were fine. and the other three? turbed out fucking RAW.

god damn this fucking year. theres literally fucjing nothing good about 2020.

if one more thing or person fucks up my day/week/month/year, theres gonna be torches and knives.

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    Curious, were you running 32 bit or 64 bit python?
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    Plenty of people disliking 2020, it seems.
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    First you should think about feeding hookers with burgers before bondage so they can’t run fast.

    Prepare for 2021 cause I believe 2020 is only beginning of the problem.

    Good luck with game !!!
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    Determinants scale up in memory and time very fast. Don't expect to solve really really large ones very easily
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    I saw #doom, yet no mention of Doom in your rant. What gives?
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    What I wanna know is how do you mess up cooking burgers?
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    @Demolishun no I was storing the result in memory like an idiot instead of dumping to file.
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    @vane dont worrt when its gotten so bad we're all talking about the "before-before times" I can always trade the game to cannibal tribez in exchange for them only eating my foot instead of my whole leg.
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    @Root doom doom doom doom doom doom DOOOOoOOOOOOOoOoOoOoOoOoM!!!!!!!!!!

    There you go.
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    @sudo-woodo idk. used to be a decent short order cook. lately havent been able to focus on anything though.
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    I can’t say I’ve seen python run out of memory before, if anything I’m impressed.

    @Root judging from context clues in the other tags I think they were going with the saying “doom and gloom” but with tags
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    @Bubbles Oh I know.
    I just love seeing Doom running on everything.
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    @Root oh I see, yes it’s quite amusing
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