The best thing that can happen to a dev?
A 2-hour meeting got cancelled. Yeah!

No backlog tomorrow!

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    *The best thing that can happen

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    -- Sent from a meeting
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    Zoom issues, internet and power problems are the next set of best things
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    So you are the single dev that rumors speak of. The one who does not have a backlog of at least some years work.
    Glad to know that such a mythical beast actually exists.
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    I'm so friggin genuinely happy reading this, like it happened to me and not you!
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    @Oktokolo my company works on commission basis. We kick start an application and then often hand it over to in house developers. We're often rented out to other companies, too.

    That means projects of the past are not my backlog if they we aren't commissioned at the moment.
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    Oh, you have a scheduler between you and the backlog. That way you can't see it and it is like it isn't there. That is a nice solution.
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