Getting really tired of not having requirements or specs detailed out at beginning of project.

I have to decide myself what might be use case while developing

Then 3 months later when it finally gets used I get management asking me why doesn't it do this or that? Uhhh.... You never told me to make it do anything so be happy it does something.

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    It's ok the requirements would be dumb anyway, and they'd change them after they realized they're dumb ;)
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    Write your own specifications down and get them to sign of.
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    @N00bPancakes haha you are correct.
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    @Voxera honestly, most of my questions go unanswered anyways. Like recently

    Me Ask senior manager
    "Do we want to develop this using hosted page (HPP) or direct API?

    Senior Manager: *crickets*

    Me: discuss with another dev the route we should go (in chat with lead) actually say I wish we could get requirements or an answer on this.

    Lead: *crickets*

    I make decision myself to use hosted page.

    1 month later Manager of frontend team can Hosted Page be an option?

    Me: sure if you told me that from beginning I probably could have written it both ways but it wasnt discussed.

    Them: who told you to use hosted page?

    Me: I couldn't get answer from anyone (shows them emails and conversation) so i just made decision myself

    Them: *crickets*
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    But honestly, they are having growing pains so I don't fault them too much. Still best job I've ever had. They went from 20 employees to over 200 practically overnight and policies are slowly catching up
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    @superposition IMO catch up policies are just part of life, and better than preemptive policies ;)
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    They don't give you specs because coming up with them is actually hard and they do not know shit about how to do that - and how to communicate them.
    So just roll your own. Chances are that they are better than what would survive the translation loss anyways.

    Also: Specs change constantly because of the former cause. So it doen't really matter, whether you use your own or theirs. You will have to change stuff multiple times in both cases anyway.
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