Apparently I made a better Notion for my tasks.

I was making websites using Notion. I made https://pwagym.com this way. Deploying this kind of stuff is a huge pain in the ass involving Cloudflare hacks and sometimes researching PRs in an abandoned repo to make this all work. I still have to do this for living content like guidelines.

However there are websites that you just deploy once and forget about them. Notion is notoriously slow and has so many analytics bullshit.

So I made Potion. It's just a CSS file that you attach to your HTML and it looks like it was made in Notion. Obviously lacks live editing and stuff, but works oh so much faster. Also it's much more accessible and works better than the actual Notion on mobile devices.

Kinda rough around the edges but it's okay for just two hours of work I put in. I'm now planning to add cover images, cover emojis, make a full release and call it a project.

Feel free to use!

Demo: https://miloslav.website/potion/
Repo: https://github.com/uyouthe/potion

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    Ah nice! I’ll give it a try, I’m onboard with you I don’t like notion at all
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    Does this mean, I just have to call your CSS in my website and I can make it responsive?

    Holy fuck!!!! Dude that's sooo cool.
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    @F1973 yes. You can either download Potion or use GitHub CDN. If you don’t care much about looks and only need responsiveness, I recommend awsm.css as a more mature solution
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    @uyouthe Super interesting. Thanks for sharing. I needed something on responsiveness, I got the design.
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