Im having to learn coffeescript to work on an old project and man its funny.

Coffescripts tutorials show how it compiles to the most recent ecma-script. Well im sure 2014 that comparison was a jaw dropping difference. Now the two are near identical.

The tutorial comparisons are more so saying "Heres how ecma does it. We offer the exact same thing with a small syntactical difference"

Coffeescript example: multiply = (x, y)-> x * y

Ecma comparison: const multiple = (x,y) => x * y;

Weeeeeeeeellll this will be a waste of personal memory assignment.

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    Yep. There's a definite reason typescript came out on top.
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    This rant will be repeated in around 5 years and then it will say "Im having to learn typescript to work on an old project and man its funny"
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    I understand the cynicism, I do not however agree with the equality it implies. Typescript being made redundant relies depends entirely on two things:

    - typescript failing to evolve beyond what it already is
    - javascript integrating swaths of typescript functionality

    As to the equality:
    Coffeescript never saw the adoption that typescript has, primarily due to the effort involved; coffeescript was all in, whereas typescript immediately pays dividends just by wiring the language service as js is first class TS.

    Coffeescript also never had the same level of intellectual weight behind it. Anders Hejlsberg is the creator of not one, but three top tier languages that were influential. Axel Rauschmayer is an absolutely brilliant mind and noted expert in the JS field.

    Not saying it won't happen, just that I debate any propositional equality between the two.
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    @SortOfTested What concerns me the most is the TS dev team not being able to keep up with ECMA in the long run.
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    I will find it very interesting if the 50 people on the typescript team are ever unable to keep up with the ECMA bureaucracy 😋
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    @theuser @SortOfTested last time I checked there are highly discussed propositions for ecma to take on a lot of typescripts offerings. If I remember right typescripts ENTIRE purpose and goal was to have it be brought into ecma or at least parts of it. Either way, typescript is so highly integrated with every framework, I don’t see it going anywhere. If it does, it’ll likely be because JavaScript it’s own optional strict typing.
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    It'll def need to be something better than jsdoc for real 😸
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