I miss going to sleep without thinking of ways to make my code more efficient.

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    Well it's better than whatever thoughts they replaced... unless of course you were lucky before
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    I also miss going to sleep
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    A piece of code a day keeps the depression away
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    You have two ways
    1. Learn systems theory (or category theory if you prefer the hard mode) or at least a fucking big o
    2. Drop the software development altogether
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    @alexbrooklyn thousands of pieces of code a day make happiness go away 😄
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    I miss 1800 shitting and fucking on the streets and in public places, public hanging and deadliest diseases.

    Today’s world is full of pussies that will die from neck strain while looking on small glowing pieces of metal.

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    Drink lol! Or exercise! I do both and I’m very fit (and at times very drunk)
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