fuck you gotta be extremely calm and focused to be in this line .
People paying you/having an authority over you will just say you any shit just because they wanna say it , even when they have no explanation of why they are saying it . and you better fucking listen . even if you are filled with all the rage and you head is about to blow off, your voice pitch about to go shrill, your eyebrows bout to go high,... you just gotta put a stop on those things and fucking listen without showing any signs of anger.

(Not from a work experience, but this rant came from a home situation, where my boss is my mom and i could relate to my past few internships)

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    I would say: It depends. But of course you gotta stay somewhat calm and focused to not die of a heart attack or the like when dealing with all the stupidity and bullshit that often comes up in this field.

    But for example I can tell my boss when something is shit and we can also disagree and I could get angry, no problem. However when it gets disrespectful it doesn't fly, for either party.
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