The statistics group where my friend works wrote a paper about the cost, both economical and in human lives, of the lockdown strategy in the UK. And in purely mathematical terms, this strategy was not a great success, to say the least. They were rejected from several journals, with one them writing back to say that while the work is solid, "it's not a message they want to advertise".
Science, my friends.

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    Well some things are true but other things are truer you see
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Rather, there are truths that are morally superior to others :)
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    Unfortunately, the present nationalist trend is making publications wary of government retribution. They should stand as a wall against it, but alas.
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    @SortOfTested It's not only the government that they fear, it's also the people. Certain opinions make you incredibly unpopular today, even if you can back them up with data. Not only you are painted as anti-social, you are also thrown into the same basket with some very unflattering groups, that no scientific journal wants to be associated with.
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    Ah, anti-social. The concept that somehow doesn't apply to the jackhole blasting donk in the flat above me til he passes out at 3am. I will never figure out how some people think.
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    Well if you don’t go along with official ‘truth’, then you are labelled a dangerous conspiracy theorist, trying to spread misinformation to kill old people.
    UK government is a complete joke and this whole thing has turned into a complete shitshow. I dont think labour would have done any better either. Our MPs all seem to be spineless, public school arseholes who just want to get a job that their daddy’s would be proud of. There’s no actual thought about what they do when they get there.
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    The last election proved that soundly.
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    Until this dodgy government gets kicked out in lieu of a more competent one, then Scientific pandemic procedures wouldn't be as popular as they should.
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