Good morning everyone!

Pending tasks during start of the week:

- 3 interview assignments
- Acknowledging a job offer
- 2 screenings lined up (Germany and UK)
- Office work which I have been slacking off since 2 weeks
- Resume updation to give it to my manager for internal promotion/hike
- Personal tasks to complete

Spent entire weekend on assignments with little to no me time or enterprise of any kind.

So I log into work in the morning and BAM!!!!

Power's out. Entire city and suburbs are shut. Cities in proximity of 350KM are impacted too.

A major grid failure. Everyone switched to mobile and hence networks are choking too.

And I somehow knew that there would be a grid failure and city is blackout even before I got the news. Nothing beats my intuition.

I have shit ton to do but technically I am free right now.

Saving my phone battery for dark times. In case I don't see y'all.. good afternoon, good evening and good night

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