Do I choose the red pill or the red pill? Please help, I can't decide!


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    Aladdin delivery or Aladdin delivery?
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    They'll both deliver Thursday anyways.
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    @F1973 You tested Aladdin.

    @SortOfTested Who knows, one might even come on Friday! Surprise delivery, eh
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    @Jilano the results were COVID-19 Aladdin.
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    You fucked with it, didn't you?
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    Do what the Asians do. Never pick the first one on the clothes rack. Those clothes at the back are supposed to be "newer" because of less hands touching them.

    For your problem you choose the 2nd one. Because in the event they are done by two different couriers although promising the same day the 2nd choice will likely be less picked by other people who won't bother clicking it. So that 2nd courier will be less burdened and may treat your package better. But these are only assumptions.

    Seriously just stop thinking and click buy, why care about the the details behind when all that matters in shipping is when it will arrive.
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    That seems a lot like "the middle stall is cleaner." It's true, as long as everyone else doesn't think the same thing 😸
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    I know it's unpopular opinion but I would choose Wednesday.
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    @cafecortado why that day? What makes it better than wendsday? Lol
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    @SortOfTested true but it is easier to be lazy or not really thinking too much for other folks. 2nd choice for OP would still feel a lot less people choosing it.
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    Choose the red pill.
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    Thanks for the tips everyone! I finally decided to go with Wednesday.
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    I could drive myself insane trying to decide. Good luck buddy!
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    Don't buy.
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    @cafecortado you bastard. How can you love me ve with yourself?

    Do some devtools magic and select both. Maybe you get too
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