Support for an app that long handed over. This time, a customer is supposed to be deleted. The client probably wants me to delete the customer from the live database.

Why can't he delete the customer himself? Well, the button is disabled. And apparently, he doesn't want to pay for my time to figure out why the button is disabled. Or that's normal, who knows. I don't know the app.

I open up the database. Try to generate a model of all connected tables to the customer table. No luck. The tables aren't connected, the ORM handles relations. I hate that. Probably have to go through and delete all of those manually in a live database. Argh!

Okay, let's see why we cannot just click the button. Alright, yeah, there is a disabled on the button. Hmm... I wonder. Removed the disabled in the web browser inspector and hit the button. Seconds later, the entry disappears from the database.

My predecessors were sloppy. Probably thought it's the admin menu. We don't have to protect our customer from himself.

That just saved me a lot of time.

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