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    So... ears?
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    nice 😄
    How would you name it?
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    Isn't that just whispering?...

    You can call it Digital Whispering, slap AI somewhere in the description and you got yourself a product. You're welcome.
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    MP3 requires 360kbps , NFC theoretical max is 424, may be you might have to remove protocol level bloat but then it won’t be NFC then

    but we can transmit shitty 16 bit PCM audio
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    Feature Request: Please support the gossip protocol.
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    Good for prisons maybe?
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    @devphobe Yes, give scuttlebutt support!
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    @hardfault mp3 doesn't require 360 kbps. And PCM of the same sample rate and bit depth requires more bandwidth than mp3. Mp3 is decoded to PCM when played.
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    @electrineer i mean to say mp3 is standard compression, when working with raw pcm we have more room to play around

    yes my calculations are off mp3 won’t be 360kbps if we talk about unframed packets
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    There are codecs for voice where you can transmit with as little as 10 kbps or so IIRC.
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    @cafecortado and Nvidia anounced an ai video compression for video conferencing. That only transmits the movement of the face. Ai moves then the picture on the other side.

    Video explanation

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    @heyheni good luck transmitting video with 10 kbps
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    This could be a good concept for a “Pass the note” like network at school.

    If only there was a way for storing audio in a programmable nfc tag.

    I couldn’t think of any practical usage apart from maybe between teens at schools as suggested by @devphobe - maybe audio in nfc could be a thing in museums 🤷‍♂️
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    @uziiuzair not a bad idea at all! I imagine those stations which currently tell you which number to press on the digital tour guide device being replaced by an NFC transceiver and you can just use your own phone, with your own head/earphones.
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    @cafecortado but that’s just voice If you work the math
    Audible frequency is 20 to 20k hz (theoretical)
    So we have to sample with 2f(max) now to represent the sample we have to use at least 16 bit samples
    so 2*20,000*16 bits per sec or 640kbps , to represent sound
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    Google removed the beam functionality from their APIs because they want to push cloud services (google isn't evil though, remember?) so this wouldn't even be possible with most phones today.

    Otherwise, I would have already started doing this for fun.
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