While talking to hostile managers, don’t say “doesn’t work in chrome” and “works in Firefox”. Say “doesn’t work in blink” and “works in gecko”. Don’t say “we need sync”, say “we’re currently choosing between a CmRDT and a CvRDT”. Don’t say “code was slow”, say “oof, an unacceptable big-o and a huge runtime penalty”.

Their ego is too much to ask what this means. And you’re still sound perfectly understandable by your fellow tech guys.

Don’t lie. There is no need. Just present your ideas in a professional way.

Also if a hostile manager is willing to break their ego and ask and finally educate, you can make a good colleague who understands. And the knowledge and the willingness to understand the problems of “tech guys” would spread much quicker from your fellow educated manager to other managers than from you to them.


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    Or they just get angry and yell at you and make things up. Like deadlines that you’ve missed, and then yell at you for those, too.

    And sometimes they make up their minds about firing you for not being straight with them and trying to make them feel stupid.

    Generally the more hostile the manager, the less willing they are to listen or understand, and the faster and more predictable their decent into aggression and spite. Aka the “bully personality.” Do what they want, immediately (and only ever use small words) or suffer severe consequences.

    In other news, @Root has had some extremely abusive bosses. and parents.
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    What @Root said. That's an excellent way to end up on the do not call/layoff in next round list.
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    @Root your behavior pattern has too many variables. I only described one.
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    @Root I'm sorry Root.
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