I am making new mistakes and acing the consequences everyday. So here's another tip: FUCKING SLEEP CORRECTLY YOU PEEPS. ESPECIALLY COLLEGE AND STUDENTS . college is such an easy phase of life that gives us so many bad habits. mine is to sleep 2/3 hours, and face the next day . at college that used to cost me nothing since we didn't had to use our brains much there.

But damn... today i slept for <3 hours and my day has been almost shit... could not solve a very simple bug and was continuously going towards the negative answers( no it isn't possible, it can't be done, I don't understand this) and asking for help. I hope they are gonna forgive me once , but I wasted my fresher card due to lack of sleep .
You need your active, innovative brain. don't ruin it

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    Heh, amazing what you can get away with in your late teens or twenties that rapidly goes downhill in your late twenties or thirties.

    Kinda feel invincible around that age. Sleep however long, eat whatever, drink whatever, and your body generally goes "meh, fine."

    Try that crap a decade later, and your body definitely says "Oi, don't be a dick."
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    Some bad habits die hard...

    Making night to day is such bad habit. Don't do it too often
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    Sleep is very important, not sleeping will fuck you up in a very bad way
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    I had epileptic seizures every time I lacked sleep. First one was in uni, after playing game 30+ hours. Then I started to have them with 3-5 hours of sleep. Last 2 important ones caused me to break left arm/shoulder and right shoulder.

    If I had the funding I would sue every mofo who advertise all nighters and sleep deficiency as cool traits. They are not, they make you significantly less healthy, even if you do not realize in the short term. I am not even mention mental capacity reduction as OP suggested. So, sleep well.
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